Neurological conditions
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johnny100johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
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I have recently been seen by a Neuro Consultant.The outcome from my MRI shows that I have Spine problems at L1 L2 L3 L4,and have bulging discs at L4 L5,I also have cervical spondalosis.My decision maker on my PIP as more or less stated that my spine muscleskelatel was normal,ok that report did say I had normal spinal flexion this does not get away from the fact that I suffer with terrible back problems on walking and this causes me to walk like a robot with an arched .His report more or less stated,yes we know you have problems with your back.How on earth does he know what it feels like.I have been using pain patches issud by my doctor,I was on 5 microgrammes which is low dose,I am now on 10 microgrammes and they make no difference at all,the next one is 20 microgrammes which is the maximum I believe.These assessors/decision makers are coming to there own conclusions on medical evidence and coming to  there own conclusions,they are not doctors 


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    Hi @johnny100
    DWP'S is sending negative decisions to most people (no matter what the disability, medical condition is). The aim of system is to reduce the number of disable people claiming benefit and push everyone to do paid  jobs. 

    If you realise what is happening all over the world you will find out where the money disappearing from country budget (Wars) . 

    If you do not agree with decision you are argue  the DWP'S decision sending mandatory reconsideration. And make your voice to be heard by appealing even to Tribunals. It 's long process but who know perhaps the Good Luck will be on your side. 

    Have a nice weekend. 


  • johnny100johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    I seem to not getting the answer on this forum.If you go to Tribunal and lose i  think the answer will be start againwhat happens then,do you lose it ,keep the original awrd,or start all over again,
  • izaiza Member Posts: 471 Pioneering
    Hi @johnny100
    :) sorry you did not share how many points you been awarded and what current situation with your claim is. 
    Any ways the current system of medical assessments is mostly the same for many disadvantage people who been scored 0 no matter how sever disadvantage in medical condition is. 
    I replayed to your post adequately to information you share with community. 
    I am not adviser but I can tell you I went through  to the process of  disagreement to DWP's decisions. 
    I share only the knowledge I do have from my perspective. I see myself as very wise woman. My advice can be useful for you or not. 

    Perhaps within 2 days some more advised person can replay back to you. 


  • johnny100johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    I scored 9 points for Daily Living and 10 points for Mobility,I had been on DLA for 8 years,I have arthritus both hips,crtvical spondalosis.Bulging disc L1 L2 L4 L4
    had prostate cancer,which plays havoc with bowel movemrnts I am diabetic and have incontinance.All medical evidence sent GP and consultant report,Doctors referal,everything.On my report it stated that I walked 40 mtrs from entering the building to reaching reception.This is a pack of lies.I walked from the outer foor to the inner door aout 10 short steps,stopped at the door rand bell had to wait 15 seconds as no one was on the desk,spoke into intercom then let in,I then had to walk to the reception desk about 20 short steps,That was one heck of a walk 40 mtrs,just lies.Iy shows they must be using video.I assumed that video was for security not for using it for this purpose.It states PIP rules that if you record any interviews you must tell them beforehand.Surely this should also apply to PIP assessments.This is surely an invasion of privacy,no doubt they will have have a rule for this
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