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Share Autism Meltdown Triggers For Parents

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    Hi there, im 17 and was recently diagnosed with (high functioning) autism, things thats trigger meltdowns for me are if my routine gets changed.... i will explain because this one is very recently..... I watch the comedy series "Two and a Half men" from 8pm-9pm every weeknight (monday-friday) with my mum.... anyway, we rent the house with lodgers, and one was feeling "unwell" (period pain if even that serious!!... my mum said she had appendecietis but i doubt it!) anyway, she came out of her room at 8:10pm and she was crying and was like "can you take me to the hospital"  so my mum called an ambulance and they did an over the phone assesment and wouldnt send one :smiley: anyway my mum had to drive her to a&e and stay with her from 9pm until 2am! :( and we didnt watch two and a half men, so i had a massive meltdown at 1am and one of the lodgers told me to shut up, and the next day i had 2 meltdowns, and that lodger came out and called me "childish" because i had a meltdown :'( it happened at the begining of may and i am still fuming with that lodger, but my mum said because i'm so angry if she tries to talk to me just ignore her- dont say anything! so that is what i have been doing, also when i have had a stressful day, because i can't communicate how i am feeling due to my autism, i come home and because of all the frustration i blow up at my mum, she is the only one i feel safe with and when i was younger i had a really bad lisp and people couldnt understand me and that made me so frustrated/upset and caused meltdowns, but this week i started volunteering at my local scope charity shop and its the one place i go where i dont get bullied for being myself :smiley: i feel safe and relaxed there, even when i am on the till dealing with customers!!
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