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Road safety and Autism

mummajen2012 Member Posts: 4 Listener
edited April 2017 in Autism and neurodiversity
hi can any help my five year old who has autism I've been  really struggling lately with him trying to run of into the roads he has no awareness of safety and once he has it in his head he wants to go a certain way there's no stopping him when I try to as sometimes I just cannot go the way he wants it ends up with him having a meltdown on the floor or him trying to escape from me and when his on the floor I'm trying to pick him up which isn't easy as his a big five year old very strong and he somehow pins himself to the floor.

The only way I can describe it as it's like he has a magnet in his back and his stuck his whole body goes stiff and ridged and I physically struggle to pick him up as he will then lash out at me and when I do manage to pick him up I will get hit bit and kicked I have to pick him up otherwise he will be up getting run over

I'm petrified as this is becoming a daily thing now even today I took him to the park and is trying to escape out of the gate I don't want to have to use his buggy just to get from a-b as I don't want to make him lazy with walking but its becoming so serious now I feel like I'm holding on by a string thread 



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