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Help I'm being verbally aggressively targeted by a neighbour?

WheelyRachelWheelyRachel Member Posts: 67 Courageous
my next door neighbour has started being verbally agreesive and throwing accusations at me and my assistance dog almost on a daily bases. He has even removed part of my fence then reported me for allowing my dog to stray. It's is really getting me down and I can't seem to workout why they have sundenly turned this way as I thought we got on quite well. It's now effecting my health.
 What can I do, I've spoken to the council but they don't seem interested unless it's been going on for more than 6 months.


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  • WheelyRachelWheelyRachel Member Posts: 67 Courageous
    thats sounds dreadful, you've really had a bad time. Mine pales into insignificance compared. Thank you for the insight of getting police to listen. I shall talk to my local community officer tomorrow and seek their advice. 
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  • joannarashellejoannarashelle Member Posts: 135 Pioneering
    Hello @WheelyRachel cute dog in your pic by the way!

    So saddened to read what you're going through, I too have been harassed and bullied by neighbours; anyone who bullies another (in my opinion) has issues with themselves and their lives, or they would be friendly pleasant and kind. 

    Have you a friend you can talk to about it and who will help you overcome this prat who is targeting you? 
    You have a right to live in your home happily and peacefully it's a basic human right. 
    The CAB have been helpful with me in the past, have you contacted them it might be better to put it all in an email to them; also your dog is at risk so contact the organisation where your assistance dog came from or was trained, tell the council AGAIN don't be fobbed off, they have a duty to resolve neighbourhood issues so do the police, contact a solicitor some run free clinics put it all in writing, you must get help I've lived as a hermit because of a bullying neighbour and I'll be damned if I ignore a plight from someone else suffering.

    Try not to speak to your neighbour he sounds unbalanced, sometimes people target us when they're jealous believe it or not, he could be jealous about your dog the love you have for her and the connection, I mention this because the things he's done include your beloved dog. 

    Best of luck you're not alone, there's so many who have to put up with harassment and bullying from their neighbours, and it's UNACCEPTABLE don't let this excuse of a person take away your peace xxx
  • WheelyRachelWheelyRachel Member Posts: 67 Courageous
    thank you for the comment, I've got both the cab,the council housing officer and dog warden comming to me next Tuesday. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the issue. I've not yet informed the asstance dog charity as I've heard that others have had their dogs removed due to these issues.

    Its awful that some many of us have had this issue and I feel it's only getting worse.
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  • bambam Member Posts: 331 Pioneering
    Tiles I am not being harassed by a neighbor. I dated this girl maybe eight years ago. I ended the relationship. She started dating some new guy and then bringing them by my house to vandalize my car. He got arrested period he grew up my little community and has a lot of friends and family still living here. These people have a rast me because of his arrest and my ex-girlfriend for eight years now. It's amazing how people think just because it's not widely known what they're doing and nobody's actually caught them yet they're not doing it. People really need to grow up. This girl's boyfriend is over 50 years old and he was just outside parking the truck honking his horn at my house yesterday. It's funny how people say people suffer from an illness are the ones that are crazy and magic in it but they're really doing it.
  • joannarashellejoannarashelle Member Posts: 135 Pioneering
    Hello @WheelyRachel it's awful to think people could lose their assistance dog through similar situations are you sure that's right? I think it could just be scaremongering, it's not your fault you have an abusive unbalanced neighbour, your dog is your support and comfort in so many ways enabling you to do things that would otherwise be difficult, talking from experience! 

    Relieved to hear the relevant organisations are coming to offer you advice and hopefully closure; people like your neighbour should be stopped in their tracks alas there are plenty like him around, he should be made to mend your fence apologise to you and your dog oh and maybe beg for forgiveness on his hands and knees oops sorry I was getting carried away there HAHA seriously though best of luck next week you'll have a houseful, it's good they're coming to you to resolve the issue, in the meantime give your dog a hug from me
  • WheelyRachelWheelyRachel Member Posts: 67 Courageous
    sadly I know it has happened to someone I've worked with they lost their dog asstance over a neighbour dispute . I'm hoping it's a positive meeting on Tuesday . I shall let you all know the out come.
  • WheelyRachelWheelyRachel Member Posts: 67 Courageous
    Update, well stayed in all afternoon and no one turned up then get a phone call at 4 pm saying I'm calling on behalf of your housing officer sorry but he has been unable to attend. Thanks a lot for calling at the end of the working day and waiting my time was my response. Gee people. 
  • WheelyRachelWheelyRachel Member Posts: 67 Courageous
    Update 2 
    ive now gotta keep a record sheet for a month. Great!
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,731 Disability Gamechanger
    Oh no! That's terrible @WheelyRachel

    Senior online community officer
  • haylouhaylou Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Hello wheelyrachel,
    You could report it as a hate crime of disabalism because you're disabled and she's interfering with your dog that assists you  day to day.
    If you Google report hate crime  and follow the leads you will be able to report it that way, I'll find it directly the site and post it here in case you can't find.
    My neighbor keeps sending the ambulance round and frightening me when I don't need it, sometimes it makes you wonder what planet they are on.
  • ElsienelsonElsienelson Member Posts: 1 Listener
    Really terrible, how it going now?
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