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worry worry worry

silverbird Member Posts: 8 Listener
Hi everyone, like alot of people here I'm going through a PIP assessment, its as you all know disheartening and in my opinion cruel , but this is the way we have to do it so here's my story...Im Diabetic type 1 and have been for 57 years now .I worked up until 2005 and happy doing so , but as Diabetes goes on some complications happen and have claimed ELA /DLA which was 'for life' before the New re-think and PIP. Usual happened got the form filled it in an undisclosed number of months passed before the First assessment and went terrified as lets face I we all do. I failed only getting 6 points for daily living and mobility so appealed through reconsideration (reconsideration


  • janice_in_wonderland
    janice_in_wonderland Member Posts: 265 Pioneering
    I'm going through my same and about to request an MR too bc surprise surprise the twisted lies and left out medical evidence and the 'shoulder bag' I was carrying I explained I was using a tote bag to hide my  coccyx cushion I sit on which is as light as a feather - I suffer from coccydynia which was dismissed and no longer being treated! They were so unreasonable in the report its really disheartening 
  • silverbird
    silverbird Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Most of the post didn't come through but I've decided to withdraw my appeal due the enormous amount of pressure this is having on me . Can someone please explain how to do this

  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,308 Pioneering
    @Silverbird, I remember feeling like that, like it's all too much but after a few days rest and reflection I got my fighting spirit back. This may happen to you but if you cancel it you it's too late. Suggest you have a short break and see how you feel..?
  • janice_in_wonderland
    janice_in_wonderland Member Posts: 265 Pioneering
    @wildlife @silverbird I'm going through the recovery of the shock of the letter atm but getting support is going to help me start MR in a week or so 

    nothing to lose bc everyone is being put through it 

    also if it's backpaid then you'll be celebrating and feel it was worth the fight 

    we are all here to support one another 
  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Member Posts: 254 Pioneering

    Its a bit of a use it or loose it situation at the moment.

    It sounds like me that you are becoming depressed because of the whole thing?  No matter how you feel, please try your best to fight this injustice.  Both for yourself and for all the people going through e actly the same torture as yourself.

    Im very interested to know if people are actually becoming "more ill" because of the PIP process?

    Im going to start a Thread on this.


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