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Hi, my name is fuzzyhead41!

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I have ME and fibromyalgia. I'm registered disabled because I have mobility problems and a few others too. Despite this I work as a care assistant for 16 hours a week. I get very lonely as a disabled person in an able-bodied world. I belong to the FM Support group in my home town. But... I've been too tired to go to it yet. I think I need to be with people who have problems like I do because it makes feel like I'm not going mad and losing it. These things are really happening to me and to others like me. So thank you for letting me join your group and I hope I can contribute to is as well as take from it in the form of asking questions, getting advice and support... Maybe. 

Glad to be here x


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    Hi @fuzzyhead41 welcome to the community, you arent alone in these feelings, take a read through the other posts in the Welcomes category and see just how many people speak of feeling isolated.
    This community is really friendly and has so many great members with all manner of experiences.

    Jump in and get involved, get posting and hopefully you can enjoy chatting to others.

    Sometimes the problem with real life support groups for disabled people is that it is too tiring/difficult to get to them! I have IBD and I help run a local group where I live, but everyone who helps out also has IBD so often we are all ill and struggle to volunteer! BUT I do think that it really helps to chat with people in a similar situation to yourself, other people may not have the answers but knowing that you arent alone really helps.
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