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PIP ASSESSMENT Musculoskeletal

johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
I have received back from the DLA a copy of my assessment on the above.In this part of the assessment they quote various  degreeson such things like left ankle dorsiflexion at 20 degrees or more,lefy ankle planterflexion 50 degrees and so on all through the body structure.How on earth have they come to these calculations with the naked eye..No measuring instruments were used for any part of my assessment.I am sure my solicitor is going to pull this part of the report apart and be asking the same questions.


  • johnny100
    johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    Sorry should have read DWP not DLA
  • jose2
    jose2 Member Posts: 126 Pioneering
    Couln't resist answering you!! ,ask the Decison Maker when or if you ring him up ! 'what does that mean',    don't forget to put in letter to him too( I told him while on phone I would like a Mandatory Reconsideration and that also to follow  a letter from asking for same ) May ask you was this PIP assessment you went for done by a Physiotherapist or a Doctor, because it's usually done by a nurse or paramedic,I was in nursing 30 years + and I've never given terms like that to anyone in my life, it wasn't my job to do that,and I'd done a lot nursing in orthopedics,I never had  that expertise to do as you describe above in your post, baffling again as  they come to such conclusions at assessments .(smiling /well infact laughing out loud here my end, keep looking at what said in your letter back to you !) if you've not been on site before Welcome!
    Hope others help you via this site too
  • johnny100
    johnny100 Member Posts: 125 Pioneering
    I wish I could send you this report.I am expecting a call from dwp on Teusday.The assessment was carried out by a so called nurse who was employed as a mental health nurse,I checked her qualifications and non were present,its beyond belise.I have already told them I have a solicitor waiting in the wing to pull this apart
  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,293 Pioneering
    Hi @jose2 and @johnny100 I looked down my list of results for this and none of them were correct. Not to mention the ones that weren't done. The only thing that she said wasn't normal was a slight weakness in both legs. I took the page along to show my Physiotherapist who is very well qualified and her comment was and I quote: "Did she do this so you didn't get any money?". my answer was "Yes". No account is made of how much pain you're in and as I pointed out on my MR no neurological tests are done and you cannot say someone can lift their own body weight out of the bath when leg muscles are weak just because the assessor says your upper body strength is normal. The DWP now have Physio test results from 2010 and again in 2016 which when held side by side with the assessment results proves they are wrong. 
  • jose2
    jose2 Member Posts: 126 Pioneering
    Hello again @Johnny100 and @wildlife,and again I will reiterate,'neither can a mental health nurse' ,most have just done their basic nurse training and most of ones I've met over the years go straight into the mental health field,and if you talk to them about this that and the other about either medical of surgical,don't know what your talking about ,and wildlife, your Physio has hit the nail on the head-'did she do this so you won't get any money'-, I think your assessor has put her big foot in her mouth and outa her jobby'  johnny100 (I'm still laughing here  ) also if or if you do ring for MR -ask him 'can he give you more details of what that means 20 degrees dorsoflexion ankle and all that sentence on your letter(I wouldn't like to be him, when you start asking him for more details on meanings of them, if  it were me asking him, I'd be saying  'but this is all gobbly-gook to me',explain more to me.  (I'm still  giggling) cause he won't know what your talking about????.
    The only other specialists who know all these terms you quoted in your letter are Rheumatologists and Orthopedic Specialists.
    Try not to worry Johnny 100 and wildlife.and I know it sounds glib on my part but I think you both have very valid points that at how dispiciable they are  doing these assessments ,could be jo-blogs, for all we know,and any one who uses those terms to a worried, ill disabled bodied/or mentally ill person who knows nothing about these terms used and neither their meanings, is person who is a cruel and not a well intentioned person.
    It's all on paper Johnny and wildlife, can be terrible thing sometimes you know especially written down., got the proof in black and white as they say.

  • jose2
    jose2 Member Posts: 126 Pioneering
    @jose2 .Well done @Johnny100, lots people like your posts,you would have to ask moderators I think who run this site about if you can send your report onto site ,but not sure on that one.

    Just found something  I'd over- looked today Easter Monday(as I was filing this letter in my commy ) on my first letter I received 18th March 2017 about the results of my assessment  done on 8th March 2017 which at the top is dated 20th March , now I'm no physic or medium but I rang the DM asking for MR on Monday 20th March 2017,unless I've got 50/50 hindsight ! They'd made up their minds on me before I even requested a MR, that's going to the Judge on my appeal too . Aren't they terrible, so have a good look at all dates,on letter's everything  thing they have ever sent you ,I wrote every telephone call I made and  to whom ,their names and even teams number's their in , I got notes in a new note book, all telephone number's, times I called and why ?  this one got by me until today.Judges are judges I'll let him decide . They even added two totals wrong they've sent me as to what standards rates I will paid each month,one girl PIP office she tried her hardest to convince me I was wrong, you see they blame computer error for mistake ,someone's got to feed info into commy in first place.Could be they thought I wouldn't take it any further -dead wrong? I may be they or think I'm  an old decrepit woman and wouldn't take it any further than assessment.Wrong on that one with me!
    Could be a lot of eggs on faces c/o  mine and your assessment results.let me know if you can put your assessment on site in the future,. ,your letter had me laughing thats for sure!
    Bye for now  .

  • Kellie81
    Kellie81 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi everyone just been reading your posts and looking through my crf(consultation report) I have the same in my report with regards to left ankle dorsifflexion 20% and apparently my right knee is normal even though medical evidence was sent with my form sorry didn't mention I have Bilateral femoral degeneration in both knees diagnosed by orthopedic surgeon in 2012 with u lying instability I too had a nurse how do you find out there qualifications 
  • Cazann
    Cazann Member Posts: 83 Pioneering
    Hi Kellie81
    I too had the same 'goble-de-gook at my assessment. She filled the page with it. I just don't know where they get it from.  I think they just copy and paste it into everyones report.  I asked for a Mandatory Reconsideration and that was turned down, so Ive sent off an appeal to tribunal now. Just waiting for a date.
    Good luck with your appeal.
  • Smithkaty123
    Smithkaty123 Member Posts: 13 Listener
    Hi everyone I when for pip the second time around got the same problem again saying I can't do anything 


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