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Seeing with ears

Harp Community member Posts: 83 Pioneering

 Let me set the scene. You walk down the street with a visually impaired person which you just met or barely know them and you approaching the edge of the kerb to cross over the side street.  As you get nearer to this kerb, you have 1001 things going through your mind like, do they know they coming up to a kerb, do I need to get hold them, do I say something to them and what do I say to them, I got to do something, keep calm, panicking won’t help them.


You get to the kerb and you stop, look to see any cars coming, you look up and noticed the visually impaired person didn’t stop.  For a moment you stood still with mouth open, the heart running in 100 meter race.


Eventually you pull yourself together and realise that the visually is halfway down the street and you still stuck at the kerb with cars go back and forth.


Many people who are visually impaired use another sense like the hearing to communicate to the brain say it ok to carry on walking.


Many disabilities/health issues and problems with part of the body, another part with adapt to help or take over the part not working. Some people have more than 1 disability/health problems, so sometimes the body find it hard to adapt to cater for those disabilities/health problems.


Don’t compare yourself with others with the same disabilities/health issues because we all adapt in our own ways which make us unique/different from each other. Would life be boring if we all the same.

Everyone has the right to have a say in what ever method they use

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