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From pip to DLA

samparrot123samparrot123 Member Posts: 50 Courageous
I sent my forms in from pip to DLA on the 10th Feb.2017 ,I had a letter saying that they hadn't received them luckily I sent them by registered post ,but when they looked at the system they had received them ,then I had a letter saying that my forms had been sent to DWP ,since then I haven't heard a thing ,is it normal to have wait so long without hearing anything ? 


  • janice_in_wonderlandjanice_in_wonderland Member Posts: 265 Pioneering
    Never known with this dept 

  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    You might want to re-post in Ask a benefits advisor category.
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
    [email protected] You could phone the PIP helpline: 03458503322 to ask whats happening with your claim. You're probably waiting for whichever assessment contractor does your area either ATOS or CAPITA to look at your claim form and any evidence you've sent to decide whether you will need a face to face assessment but if you ring an advisor will be able to tell what will happen next and hopefully give you a timescale.
  • samparrot123samparrot123 Member Posts: 50 Courageous
    Thank you so much for your reply ,it's terrible what they are putting us through if being very ill is not enough we get this on top,I'm 69 in four months and my wife has just finished treatment for inoperable cancer ,I really could do without this , thanks again WILDLIFE.
  • sue66sue66 Member Posts: 124 Pioneering
    Morning samparrot123 and i really feel for you, having to go through this when most of us got the original DLA years ago because of our disability or illness.Most of us remain the same or even worse as well.  Sorry about your wife too, must be a great strain on you both this needless to say the worry and the stress involved.  Hubby successfully got the standard rate of both mobility and the living. Had a nice assessor which helped. Although he missed out on getting 2 points that would have qualified him for keeping his full car tax due to incorrect answers being put down to the distance he could walk. He could have challenged this but he isn't. He, we are just grateful to of got anything at all. If he had been born a year earlier he would have been left alone and continued to get the DLA but was born in 1949 and not 1948.   Hope you hear soon and its good news . Do let us know how it went for you.
  • samparrot123samparrot123 Member Posts: 50 Courageous
    Hello wildlife ,what do you mean by if you don't need a face to face. Interview ?
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