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iza Scope Member Posts: 703 Pioneering
edited April 2017 in Autism and neurodiversity
Dear All Members and Parents with Autism / Parents brining up children with Autism. 

I would like to share with you the organisation details  who is supporting  those whose members of the family are affected by AUTISM. 

Please feel free to open the link below for more information about Autism.

The reason why I share the link is because, on a weekly bases always  few new members are joining our community looking for support, advice and help around Autism's aspects. 

I hope BEYOND AUTISM will  help you to answer questions you are asking ? 




  • zarakhan
    zarakhan Community member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi guys,

    I am a student that wants to gain some new research which will help educational environments understand Autism as i believe it is extremely misunderstood. So far i have studied which environment is best and i have focused on Asperger's syndrome and what the children with AS feels works for them. I am wanting to do my dissertation on Autism as the wide spectrum that is it. I am currently interested on if the concerns of educational environments mirror the concerns of the Autistic community. I would like to know if this something that anyone feels like should be researched? or if there is anything else you feels needs further research?

    By the way i am studying Early Childhood Studies focussing on Autism.


  • iza
    iza Scope Member Posts: 703 Pioneering
    Hi @Zarakhan

    Congratulation on your study. I was thinking about your research topic and it is very interested. To increase the audience you could contact all organisation : like Beyond Autism, Hackney Ark, Hackney HiP (Hackney independent forum for Parents of children with disability) supporting especially children with Autism and much more of other organisations also via social media. 
    It would be infesting to set up questionnaire and send to those specialise organisation to share via social media. It will increase your audience and cover your research expertise  part. The questionnaire could be created on survey monkey platform http://https//
    If you can create also a post separate here on scope online community. Just go to home page of online community press on new discussion and select topic Autism spectrum disorder which you will find scrolling down under talk about specific disorder. Gave you new discussion title and create the post. 
    It would be good to get also in touch with organisation for student placement within charitable organisation to have face-to- face experience. 

    Good luck with research if you need more help get in touch with @CommunityTeam and @VioletFenn scope's ASD ariser for more assistant. 

    Have a great weekend. 

  • bendigedig
    bendigedig Community member Posts: 254 Pioneering
    edited April 2017

    H Zarra,

    Are you an under graduate?  Post Grad?  Or are you conducting this work in support of a Vocational Qualification?

    I am a Teacher.  I have an Aspergers diagnosis.  I have taught across the age and ability range in a variety of settings, both formal and informal.  

    I have delivered various curriculum within the national frameworks and without for both England and Scotland.  

    My GTCS registration was most recently for Biology, Science with additional registration for SEN.  Although my background is mostly in Secondary.  I have done some primary and a fair bit of Further Education.

    During my time teaching in Secondary and FE, a lot of my work included diferentiated teaching for pupils/students with a wide range of "barriers to learning".  ASD was only one of the areas that were part of my everyday work. 

    I have myself conducted post graduate research into progression routes for pupils/students with learning difficulties/barriers to learning.

    My 11 yr old son also has an Aspergers diagnosis :)

    I think that your chosen area of research sounds very relevant.  If I can be of any assistance please let me know.  I do not have access to specific data but I can certainly provide you with annecdotal information etc. That may assist you in conducting your work.



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