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CP and Dehydration

liayn85 Member Posts: 31 Connected
edited April 2017 in Cerebral palsy
Any other CP warriors notice that they have to drink more water than an unaffected person to function?
If I do not, I can really feel the effects (fatigue, discomfort, sluggishness, dry skin/dry nose).

Is there a science behind this, beyond that we are exerting more energy to move? I feel like I have to drink copious amounts of water, and other people in my family do not drink much water.


  • JadeB
    JadeB Member Posts: 62 Courageous
    I drink loads of water and dehydrate really quickly if I don't. im also always thirsty. I have mild co and am a support worker for those with cp. from mild to profound. I haven't noticed this with any of my students I support. I have a friend who is the same and has to drink a lot and she doesn't have  cp. so I'd say there's proberbly not much of a link there x
  • JadeB
    JadeB Member Posts: 62 Courageous
    Meant to say I have cp not co 


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