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transition to adult services

KarenMonch Member Posts: 1 Listener
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I am the mother of a 19 year old young man with spastic quadriplegia. Really struggling now we have moved to adult services, in the process of PIP assessment and trying to get adequate college and living provision for David for September. That and trying to have a family life is a challenge! 


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    Hi @KarenMonch welcome to the community! 

    We have had a few posts recently about the transition to adult care so you arent alone in struggling with this, we are looking into finding some advisors to give specialist advice on this project.

    There is a list of useful organisations for young disabled people here that may help and there is information on transition here, from that information it says:

    16 to 18 years
    Make contact with:
    • Adult services programmes
    • College, vocational or technical schools
    • Social security administration
    • Residential or independent living services
    • Recreation and leisure groups
    • Medical services.
    17 to 18 years
    • Begin to consider and research guardianship.
    • Continue to review and update transition plan.
    • Take ACT or SAT tests.
    • Visit colleges and their disability services offices.
    • Register with disability service office of your preferred school by the end of their final year.
    18 to 21 years
    • Continue to review and update transition plan.
    • Establish needed health benefits.
    • Develop long-term financial support plan.
    • Depending on their support needs, some students can remain in school and continue working on transition goals until they are 21.

    And you can see tips from the community on transition here.

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    Hey @KarenMonch
    Welcome to the online community! 

    If you have questions about transition I might be able to help.  Are you facing any particular challenges? I know it can be a really hectic time with so many different elements to consider.

    Does your son have an ECHP? This can be really useful at transition.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you



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