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What to ask during a meeting with Educational Psychologist at school?

edevries Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi my son is in yr 6 and over the past year we have been trying to get him some help at school as his behaviour is deteriorating and his anxiety becoming so bad he doesn't want to go school or leave the house most days. He is very bright and does not struggle academical but his distracting and difficult behaviour means he is often removed from class, isolated and at times excluded from class. I am currently going through diagnosis with paeditrican but this is taking a long time and in the meantime things are reaching crisis point again at school. I have a meeting with educational psychologist today after months of behavioural teams and key workers - how can I get this to move forward and what questions should I be asking? I am very concerned for his health and well being and with secondary looming in Sept worried he will get off on the wrong foot?


  • EducationalPsychologist
    EducationalPsychologist Member Posts: 119 Courageous
    First I would be asking the EP to carry out a full assessment.
    Questions to ask incude:
    What happens just before his behaviours deteriorate? What can be done to try to prevent him displaying negative behaviours? Is he getting frequent reassurance from staff to minimise feelings of anxiety? Does he have different ways to express how he is feeling, e.g. smiling/sad face on his desk? Is he accessing any emotional literacy sessions? Has he had support from a learning mentor/school counsellor? Is he behaving negatively to try to get removed from class? Emphasise that he is vulnerable and at risk of becoming a school refuser and insist this is record in the meeting notes.
  • edevries
    edevries Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi thank you for your response I have to say I wasn't aware you had replied as I haven't logged on in a while! We had a follow up meeting with the Ed Pysche following JJ's assessment in school, it was a busy meeting with SENCO's from both schools (primary & secondary), head of year and the lady who does a bit of emotional well being at school (ad hoc) as well as the asst Ed Pysche who carried out the assessment. Very little feedback was given regarding his assessment but they are going to do a little one to one work with him to help his anxiety and anger issues. They refused to give him a TA so late in the term and reserved the funds for secondary school after a 6 week review at his new school, if they find the school is not managing on the 15 hrs per week then they will add the necessary finds to give him another 15 hrs. The teacher basically doesn't appreciate or handle his difficulties, she takes great offence at his straight talking and refusals and she is generally his trigger. I asked them to put in place a visual timetable which must agreed with him every two days, avoiding lessons/situations that generally create a meltdown i.e. Music and PE. Although this is in place, the teacher change sit as and when she feels necessary without an consultation or advise to JJ (bring on meltdown). I think at this stage all we can do is manage a way through to the end of term, hopefully the plan for secondary will work better?! I did ask about an ECHP but i will not be spoken of until our 6 wk assessment at secondary.I will make note of your comments and save them for the next meeting.


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