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ASC Diet Issues

e_evans Member Posts: 2 Connected
i am in my early 50a and recently diagnosed with ASC.
i have always been a fussy eater but since diagnosis I've gone much much worse.

the only foods I can tolerate now seem to be unhealthy processed foods.
i recognise this as a response to anxiety which I am struggling to manage.
i am worried about my health long and short term as I am overweight and dislike exercise for sensory reasons.

Am I lost cause or do you have any suggestions please.?


  • KirstenNutritionAdvisor
    KirstenNutritionAdvisor Member Posts: 53 Courageous
    Try and focus on all the foods that will nourish you that you do like, without knowing your personal like and dislikes it's difficult to take specifics. 

    However start small, make sure your drinking enough water - water is very important and all our bodily functions work better when we are adequately hydrated. Often we mistake hunger for thirst as well. Add fresh lemons or limes to make it more appealing.

    secondly find the vegetables you like and make sure your eating two portions a day, carrots, peas, broccoli, sweet potatoes, mashed carrot and swede, sweet corn, beetroot we are so lucky to have such an abundance of vegetables there must be some you like! If you haven't found them keep trying different ones.

    thirdly try and reduce the amount of processed meals and even swapping the processed meals to home made versions regardless f what it is will make it healthier, because home cooked food does have what's know as the bliss point, which is the correct ratio of fat, sugar and salt to make you never satisfied! 

    Remember it's the things you do daily that matter so try and focus on all the things you do like not on what your limiting and reducing.

    also if like to mention your gut health, gut bacteria plays a very important role in reducing anxiety with some research showing that probiotics can have a very positive influence on those suffering from anxiety. 

    However I don't know your full medical history or if your in medication so it would be irresponsible for me to recommend them to you, talk with your doctor and with anything keep going.

    your probably doing much better than you realise! No body is ever a lost cause if your brain can imagine it you can put a system in place to help you achieve your health and weight goals!

    dont give up, don't give in and you will be able to reach of all your health goals!

    hope this is helpful! 
    Have a lovely day and remember baby Steps.
    Rome wasn't build in a day, but it was built! 


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