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Backdated PIP?

MLogan Member Posts: 8 Listener
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I have been awarded PIP,after asking for a MD I got my letter saying from the 19 april I will start getting PIP.I was awarded the enhanced rate i will be better of by a certain amount each month.will I get that extra amount backdated.To many on here that may seem like im being greedy,this is not about the money its about the confusion. Some people are getting backdated money and some are not even though their situations are the same and its leaving people confused none of it makes sense. Two of my friends that have been on dla then moved on to PIP there situation is the same one was backdated the other not,so im trying to find out for them.Thank You


  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,628 Pioneering
    Hello, and congratulations on your successful claim. It sounds as though your claim for PIP will begin on 19th April, and when your payments start they will be backdated to 19th April. If you are on any other benefits, such as housing benefit, ESA, JSA or tax credits (and also council tax support), then it's a very good idea to contact whoever is paying those benefits and send them a copy of your PIP decision notice. Say that you have recently been awarded PIP from 19th April, and could they please check to see whether this award may increase any of your other benefits. This is because in some circumstances an award of PIP, as well as being extra money in its own right, can trigger a higher entitlement to means tested benefits, and usually any increase would also be backdated to 19th April, as long as you notify them as soon as possible (preferably before 19th May!). It's very difficult to give advice about your friends, as obviously people have very different circumstances. This Scope website has a benefits calculator which you can use to check the effect of getting PIP and ensure that your benefits are all correct.
    I hope this helps.
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  • MLogan
    MLogan Member Posts: 8 Listener
    I will be getting the enhanced care rate,when I rang to asked them about payments starting,DLA stopping they said my increase in the award will be backdated to when I made the claim obviously minus DLA.Im just confused and keep getting conflicted answers.How you worked it out is exactly how I thought it would be.Im lucky enough to understand some things,there is so many disabled people out there that cant,my heart goes out to them.

  • wildlife
    wildlife Member Posts: 1,308 Pioneering
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    [email protected], My PIP was increased from standard to higher rate mobility. The back dated extra money was paid separately before my next payment which was the full amount including the increase. Your friend who didn't get the increase backdated should ring DWP and ask for this to be paid. Your DLA will end the day before your PIP starts but you will still get another payment of DLA around about the time your PIP starts but that will be the last payment. A month later your PIP payments will start. All the dates for payment and amounts are on your PIP decision letters so it's easy to make sure they're all paid on time and the amounts are correct. There will be no DLA to be deducted from your PIP as one starts when the other stops. They don't overlap. Now your PIP award has been increased you will be paid the difference owed to you from 19 April. This may be a separate payment as mine was but to repeat it will not be minus any DLA because that will have stopped on the 18th April. 
           To clarify: Whoever told you that your increase will be back dated to when you made your PIP claim is wrong. That maybe correct if you're claiming PIP for the 1st time and not transferring from DLA as you are. When transferring from DLA to PIP your DLA is continued until your PIP starts. Forget the phone call as that has caused the confusion. Just use the dates on your decision letters. Think about the 19th April that you know is the date your PIP started. It's May now so the DWP owe you the extra money for your increase from that date and then payments will be the full amount including the increase. 
        For more clarity. My claim was made last December but it took 3 months for an assessment to be arranged and for DWP to decide if I was entitled to PIP. DLA continued to be paid for this period of time. After the 3 months I received a Decision Letter awarding me PIP from 8th March. That is my date. Your's is 19th April OK?  
  • MLogan
    MLogan Member Posts: 8 Listener
    Thank you so much your info has made the whole thing clear, a great help for me.Have a nice weekend.


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