Visual and hearing impairments
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Hearing aid discomfort

Hi Vicki, I was born with nerve deafness in my left ear but have only just been fitted with a hearing aid for this at age 36. Whilst on the plus side I find my hearing is improved, my inner ear feels very uncomfortable - even a long time after I have taken the aid out and I worry this will stop me being able to use it. It is a tube version and I'm wondering if the piece at the end of it that goes into the ear needs to be smaller? I am incredibly petite and wondered if sizes used for children's ears might be better, or are they all the same size? I also suffer a lot from ear infections in this ear, so it's possible it is already very sensitive. I will persevere though as I'm hoping my ear will get used to the sensation. Many thanks for any advice you can give me. 


  • victoria777victoria777 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Sorry for second post - I also wondered if I'm not putting it in entirely correctly either - I have tried to follow the diagram instructions and use a mirror to help? Thanks 
  • VickiKirwinVickiKirwin Member Posts: 69 Courageous

    Hi victoria777

    Whilst it’s true that it can take some getting used to the sensation of wearing something in our ears, it definitely shouldn’t be uncomfortable or painful. Hearing aids with thin tubes have a small plastic dome attached to the end which is inserted into the ear canal - it sounds as if this is what you have been fitted with? Usually, you would be offered a review appointment with the audiology department 1-3 months after being fitted with the hearing aids so do mention it to them then. If you don’t have an appointment then contact them and ask for one. There are a few options to discuss with them…

    The domes come in lots of sizes so it might be that you need a different size. It is possible that there is an infection or even that you’re allergic to the plastic material of the dome. In both cases your audiologist will check your ears and advise. For a few people they just never get on with the domes and instead prefer to have a custom made acrylic earmould made. This would involve having an impression of your ear taken and a smooth plastic earmould will be made to fit your ear. Because they are a more exact fit you might prefer that option. 

    Good luck, Vicki

  • victoria777victoria777 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thanks for your help Vicki!
  • victoria777victoria777 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Yes I was given the tube and dome type, but unfortunately I had to go to see my GP on Monday (after wearing the hearing aid the previous Wednesday and Thursday) and they have given me a spray for my ear as it was inflamed. Is it likely to be the hearing aid that has caused this, or could it just be coincidence? Yes, thank you, I will go back to audiology and discuss these options with them. The GP suggested I wait till my ear was feeling better - would you advise this also? Thanks again. 
  • VickiKirwinVickiKirwin Member Posts: 69 Courageous
    You need to leave the hearing aid out of your ear until the inflammation has gone down. Also try and keep your ear dry (apart from the prescribed spray) as water may aggravate it. Then I'm afraid the only way you will know if it was caused by the hearing aid or it was a coincidence is to try wearing it again. Clean the dome thoroughly (or replace if you've been given a spare) first. If you are going to need to have an impression of your ear taken for an ear mould then the audiologist will have to wait until the inflammation is gone too (otherwise the mould won't fit properly when your ear canal returns to it's usual shape and size). Let us know how you get on,

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