Accessible Polling Stations

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We have created some information about what you should expect in the way of accessibility when you go to the polling station to vote and how to let them know the accessibility requirements you have.

The Returning Officer for your station is supposed to make arrangements to ensure disabled voters have the same access to the electoral process as anyone else.

Take a look at the guide and let us know if you have ever had issues accessing your local polling station.  Do you have any concerns about being able to vote in the general election? 


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    when ive been to vote my husband goes in says i cant get in and someone comes out to the car for me to put my cross they can easly see what ive crossed its not good enough

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    Since I got mobility problems I find voting by post is easier for me rather than going to a polling station plus you don't have to do it on the day as they give so many days to send it back.
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    I have just come across this really handy article explaining how to use a 'voting passport' to ensure you are supported to vote if you have a learning disability. I wish I had seen it earlier to share on the community, but I hope some of may find it useful. 

    " previous elections, many people with learning disabilities or autism have found this right denied to them because polling staff have not made the reasonable adjustments required of them by law.

    To help overcome this, learning disability support provider Dimensions has created a ‘voting passport’, a free-to-download document to help polling stations become more accessible to people with learning disabilities and autism.

    A voting passport is an easyread A4 sheet of paper printed with information about the individuals’ voting needs. It is designed to be handed to polling staff so they easily can understand the reasonable adjustments needed to enable the person to vote."

    I'm sure you'll agree it's fantastic stuff from Dimensions! 

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