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Anything I can try to calm my stress?

katielofthouse Member Posts: 1 Listener
i have epilepsy but also suffer a lot with anxiety and get stressed a lot my stress is what sets my epilepsy off anyone got anything I can try to calm my stress/ stop me thinking about my epilepsy and anxiety? 


  • RebeccaMHadvisor
    RebeccaMHadvisor Member Posts: 99 Courageous
    Hi @katielofthouse

    When it comes to stress, everyone is different so it isn't always easy to give advice on how to cope without sounding really vague.

    Because people get stressed about different things it might be helpful to try to identify the things that cause you your stress and anxiety. This isn't always possible or easy but if you can, it will help you to deal with how you are feeling by having a greater sense of awareness and you may be able to avoid some of those triggers.

    The other thing is to try and find something that helps you to cope. Taking care of yourself, eating properly, trying to get enough sleep and finding someone to talk to are all great ways to help you deal with how you are feeling. 

    The more you think about your epilepsy and anxiety the worse it will seem. I can't say to you 'try not to think about it' because that isn't easy and doesn't help but if you can find something to distract you it can be a good way to help you cope and reduce stress. There are lots of websites out there that give advice but they all really say the same a book, do some exercise, socialise, breath deeply but these things don't work for everyone so find your thing. It can be really obscure but it's just something to take your mind off things.

    Hope this helps
  • joannarashelle
    joannarashelle Member Posts: 135 Pioneering
    Hi Katie what Rebecca said is so right; try to find a way to take your mind off what causes you to have anxiety, easier said than done I know, sometimes it seems to consume us, I struggle with anxiety find it a challenge to go into a busy shop for example and over think things to the point of mental exhaustion, I'm trying to learn how to find ways to relax, I find walking in quiet areas surrounded by nature with a good friend works for me, or it could be watching a film that's gentle and easy going, I watch a lot of films aimed at children for example as these tend to be more relaxing for my busy head, I've got Scooby Doo dvds that I turn to when overloaded with thoughts it can really help, sounds silly I know but try and find something that takes your mind off your thoughts as Rebecca said, it can be a challenge I know! I find it a challenge and may always do! 
    But know that you're not alone there are more and more people struggling with stress and anxiety than ever before, and there is help out there, thank goodness it's being identified as a truly debilitating condition.

    I find spending time around animals calms me, just stroking them and letting them nuzzle my face! 

    Have a think about what you enjoy and relaxes you, it can be difficult when your brain goes back to worrying and obsessing but you can train it to relax it takes time but it can be done, im still working on this haha! 

    Joanna xx


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