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There is an inspirational person in all of us

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I would like to share my experience with you because I am all about helping people. People see me as being disabled but I have always seen myself as a regular, independent guy and now I see my cerebral palsy as a real gift. A few years ago when I was networking in property investment people advised me that I should write a book about my life because they said I have an inspirational story to share.

After thinking about it for a couple of years, I finally decided to write my book, it took me 15 months to write my story, typing it with just my left index finger. Having published my first book a couple of years ago, I am now about to publish the sequel. All I have really done is write a story about my life and there must be thousands of people out there like me, with their own inspirational life story.

You might think that writing a book is a difficult and daunting task but if you break it down into manageable pieces, for example if you were to write a 500 word blog post every week for a year, you would have enough material for a book. If you are physically unable to write yourself, you can get somebody else to write for you. I have written 3 blog posts on how to do this, here is the first one…

I welcome any comments or questions you may have below:

Patrick Souiljaert (Sue-Lee-Art)

Author of the books Stairs For Breakfast & Screw it, I’ll take the elevator. To find out more go to:


  • iza
    iza Community Co-Production Group Posts: 529 Pioneering
    Hi @ukpatrick

    It is in real human nature to help others. Somehow, people become very selfish those days and think mostly for themselves. I had desire in my heart to help others as well. Anyway I was to  busy all my previous years to do that.  Years pass keeping me busy with studying, learning new languages, working on more than one jobs at the same time. 
    The life is a miracle as it verify with  time everything. Few years ago my life slow dawn and change so suddenly that I still cannot believe how active I used to be before. I know the days will never be back. I am getting use to what I have and can now. 
    I really appreciate people who has the strength inside them to write and share their life story. It means you need to be very brave person. 
    Good luck and think to write the next one. 



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