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Hi, my name is paddy!

paddy Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi all, I'm physically and mentally disabled!
But.... I'm not just your average disabled person!

I am 42 and have been ill since sept 08 I'm married with two children and have been fighting this corruption most of this time so have some experiences on this really very raw and some what vile and evil subject.

im willing and relatively able to do what ever is needed to help in anyway I can to bring the injustices of our government and their partners (Atos,pip,esa ect..) into the publics eyes and minds.

Please feel free to contact me if I can help in anyway with your pip or esa claim forms!

I have a 100% record on these pethetic,Inhumane,complex and increasingly difficult government forms for the disabled, ill and infirm.

Im a thorn in anyone's side who has been in anyway part of this criminal and sometimes life taking situation us disabled are in at the moment with these idiotic governmental polices and the lies of the so called professionals from Atos ect...

I have so many story's of my own personal life and my families experiences and difficulties with dealing with becoming disabled or extremely ill, I'm happy to share these to help others not only with our government and what that intels,but also about what to expect and how to deal with becoming disabled and the sometimes horrendous effects it may or may not have on yourself and your immediate family (wife and children) I also have my own experiences with my family and my wife's family!

These subjects are things that we all need to talk about and we cannot always do that with our close family and friends (mainly because they just don't understand or feel like we are lazy benefit cheats who don't want to do anything but stay in bed



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