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Potty training and CP - help please!!

JenSherls Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi, I'm new to this group but really in need of some help/advice.

My daughter is 3 in a few weeks, and we've recently found out she has diplegic CP.  She's been very slow to meet motor milestones and is currently not walking unsupported, but does sit and get around well. She is a pretty bright little girl, with no other problems that we're aware of.

Does anyone have any experience in potty training a similar child? We made a start last week with the go ahead from her physio / peadeatrician, she seems fine with sitting on the potty, and has even mastered getting on by herself, which we're really proud of. She's had the inevitable lots of accidents and a few successful attempts each day over the last few days. She's not telling us when she needs to wee though, and she's not telling us when she's done a wee either, we're helping her off and noticing she's done a wee after (she can sometimes sit there for 15 mins at a time).  So her success' on the potty seem to be because we're putting her on at regular times. Although she is very pleased with her self when she wees on the potty and she is telling us when she's done an accident. 

I'm just starting to wonder if we're making any progress - is she actually able to control her bladder or not? I'm basically wondering if we should plough on or if we should go back to nappies for a few months and try again when she's a bit older. Putting her on the potty regularly isnpretty much taking over the whole day and whisky that's fine short term,  I don't think I can sustain it long term. 

Any help would be so much appreciated, I'm really lost as to what to do for the best xx


  • JenSherls
    JenSherls Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Not sure if I've put this in the right section!!
  • Zeezee
    Zeezee Member Posts: 78 Pioneering
    Hi my daughter has spastic quad cp and is 3yrs also. I can't really give you any first hand advice as we are still waiting for a suitable adapted potty chair which zee can comfortably sit on miraculously appearing funded by me as she can't sit unaided and the hard potty OT brought was too painful for her to sit on so we just have to wait for now, but the incontinence nurse that zee's physio referred her to had some really good advice and gave me information that I had not even considered,so ask her physio to refer her to your local incontinence service and hopefully they can give you some helpful advice Good luck
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @JenSherls welcome to the community.

    There is some info on toilet training on the main scope site here.
    If your child has particular problems maintaining a sitting position, you may need more specialist equipment and advice.
    An occupational therapist is a good source of information on suitable equipment and sources of supply. A physiotherapist may be helpful in showing you how best to position your child; especially for children who are wheelchair users and need specific help in transferring from wheelchair to toilet.
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