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dysautomia90dysautomia90 Member Posts: 6 Listener
Hello i have had trouble waking since my lil girl was born nearly five years ago i think they damaged me when i had caseran section . I have have mri on my lower back  yesterday and i ha press button am so angry with myself as i have fought so hard to get mri .i dont no i was dysautomia attack o walking down corridor or if was anxitey i stupidly open my eye why i do that  


  • dysautomia90dysautomia90 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Walking not waking silly shaking hands 
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
    @dysautomia90 Please don't beat yourself up over this. Did they get any results at all? If not you're not the only one this has happened to. Years ago I was sent for a barium x ray for a swallowing problem and I panicked big time. Not just about the test itself but fear of what they'd find. Turned out it was weak muscles after a bad whiplash and RTA I'd had only months earlier. I have had lots of frightening experiences in hospital and just walking into a hospital sends me into panic mode. So much so that now I don't just do what the Doctor's want I do what I can handle. I would advise you to be open with them before any tests and say what you can cope with and what you'd find difficult and see if there's a way round it. Maybe a different way of diagnosing something or a different type of health practitioner maybe a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor could help but that's up to you. I'm actually going for an MRI myself today but only on my right foot but still I may well find it very difficult. Try and focus now on where you go from here and maybe have a chat with your GP or the specialist who referred you for the MRI you will find they're more understanding than you think.   
  • dysautomia90dysautomia90 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Well i wrote reply seems disapeared. I didnt get no result i didnt last long enough unfortuntally . I only last tiny bit . I had brain scan ok so dunno why i couldnt do this one . I do hope your scan went ok and u having good ..ish day . I having lot trouble with my doctor at moment i have dysautomia pots auto immune diease that effects well everything .i struggle walk i trying get wheelchair they are not very helpful at all very rude think i have anxity even though i have dignous of proper doctor ! U cant fake high heartrate on standing joys rare visable illness i guess .i am very nervous of scan on saturday 
  • dysautomia90dysautomia90 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    I do belive my eperdial for caseran birth caused my probloms as he went in twice and then told me sit still....i was ..then nurses moved me alot after when i was still numb i been that half wearing of feeling in my lower back legs ever since that ehy mri so inportant for me i need prove they damaged my spine i think thought them seeing nothing scares me more so theres alot anxity attached to it i guess 
  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
    edited May 2017
    @dysautomia90  I've had my MRI scan and I can sympathise even more now. I found it really difficult and it was only my foot !! This might make you smile as I decided whilst the pictures were being taken that I'd rather die than have any other part of my body scanned in the future. I don't want to put you off or make it worse for you as I have nerve damage and circulation problems that gave me leg pain and that awful feeling of needing to move my leg but not being able to. Also my legs and feet move on there own like twitching which I found especially hard to control. I could see the time keep going back up for another set of pictures and had to press the buzzer after 30 mins to ask how much longer and he said another 10 minutes. By the time it was finished my legs were dead and my back which is also bad had seized up and I just felt like crying. The Radiographer had no sympathy and wouldn't even listen to me when I pressed the buzzer. I had headphones on with music but why when you can't even hear it.
             All I can say is now you know what to expect think about what it is that makes it so difficult for you or that brings on a panic attack and post again and hopefully the people on here especially the experts will try and help you though it. 
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