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Pip appeal court

NickI12345NickI12345 Member Posts: 1 Listener
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Hi, I was wondering if someone could help? We did go to cab regarding mums pip appeal for mobility question 13 planning a journey? We have now got to appeal to the courts? As they didn't change there minds on mandatory reconsideration? Mum has always had high rate mobility but since this pip assessment mum scored 10points for mobility as she received 0 points for plan a journey? So she was 2 points under? Unfortunately the cab haven't any appointments to help mum with this question, so I will have to do it myself! Mum has to send in this form before the 10th June? We were waiting for someone at the doctors to help mum but she only works once a month on a Tuesday? My mum is so upset, my mum does have servere mobility problems, she isn't able to use public transport, not only because her mobility issues, mum has never been able to follow directions as on many occasions mum has got lost? And ended up at the wrong place, this obviously worried mum, It was always a joke within the family as mum has got lost many a times when she was more mobile, we had to get mum a mobile phone in the end for that reason? But unfortunately now, mums mobility and health has deteriorated and she now doesn't go out on her own without me or my sister who care for mum, Mum gets very anxious  and  never has had a good sense of following directions, even if we had wrote them down for mum? Mum wouldn't be able to find her way!  My mum Does not go out on her own now, and if she has to go to the hospital we would drive mum there,and stay with her, to help stop her worrying we then know mum will get there safely and this will help mum having us there with her? we had to use a taxi to get mum to her other daughters, she was accompanied by myself, mum ended up having a panic attack and we had to return back home? We would normally use the car, I drive, mum isn't able to and never has attempted to drive as she never has had any concept for direction and coordination? We got mum a mobility scooter years ago, however she couldn't get to grips with the direction and coordination, and she ended up crashing it into the garage? I really don't know how I'm supposed to word this on the form? Any help would be greatly appreciated? I have wrote this on behalf of mum as she doesn't know how to text? I have giving you my email address? Many thanks nicki


  • daffloverdafflover Member Posts: 7 Connected
    Hi Nicki12345.  I am in a similar position to your Mum. I am waiting for a date for my appeal to be heard. Have you filled in SSCS1 form? You need to send this together with the MR letter and with any evidence which may prove useful.  I don't understand why anyone needs to prove whether they can plan a journey or not, surely it's being able to make a journey that counts. I think this is a way of avoiding having to give points for the mobility part of the award. I also was given 0 points for this activity even though I am unable to make a journey unaided.Good luck with your mums appeal and hope this helps.
  • MatildaMatilda Member Posts: 2,616 Disability Gamechanger
    edited June 2017
    Hi @NickI12345

    There is a good PIP appeals section on the Disability Rights website.

    On the SSCS1 form explain all your mum's problems with planning journeys.  You don't have to send in medical or other evidence with this form (except for the MR decision letter).  You can evidence to the court at any time up to seven days before the hearing.

    Tribunals are impartial.  I won my appeal at tribunal a couple of weeks ago, though planning journeys was not part of my claim.  I post below what I wrote on my own thread after the tribunal:

    "Had my Hearing today and have been awarded enhanced daily living and enhanced mobility; indefinite award.

    Tips?   Have your wits about you and be prepared for a grilling; and have thorough medical evidence even if it's not recent.

    The only medical evidence I had was the DWP doctor's report and my GP's report from 1998 (both very thorough) when I was awarded DLA highest rates both components indefinitely.

    The other two tribunal members weren't too bad - but the doctor asked some probing questions.  Asked for how long I could walk (time).  The Atos assessor asked that, too.  Although of course PIP points are supposed to be awarded for distance, not time (or so I thought).

    Doc also asked how did I know I could only walk 20 yards?  Had I ever measured it?  I replied no, it was an estimate based on experience of distances.

    The judge, doctor (as well as the Atos assessor) all seemed to think that ability to drive indicates a low level of disability.  Which is nonsense.  What's the point of Motability, then?  And many disabled people would be housebound without a car.  

    I only take two, maybe three, round trips of 12 miles or less a week; I find driving long distances tiring.  I wouldn't advise any claimant to state that they do a lot of driving, especially longer distances."

  • wildlifewildlife Member Posts: 1,314 Pioneering
    @Nicki12345 I had problems also with this part of the mobility. Firstly just to make clear that physical disability does not come into the journey part as this is covered by how far your Mum can walk. So it's purely based on mental health. The problems you are having are because the assessor and DWP decision makers are not concerned with what your Mum normally does or doesn't do. They assess her on the question of whether she could plan and go on a journey alone if she chose to do that. Of course you know she couldn't but it's another matter trying to get that message across. They are not giving points to people who just get anxious or even have panic attacks you have to have an actual mental health condition like Autism for example. Or have a long standing mental health condition for which you take medication and have had specialist treatment. If none of this applies than you will have great difficulty getting any points for your Mum in this category. In my case they used a 3 minute journey in a privately hired mini bus to our village hall for the over 60's club with other people I know to say I could plan and go on a journey without someone with me. It was only because I have medical evidence of 46 years of mental health treatment and take an antidepressant that enabled me to get this changed. Then they only gave 4 points for needing prompting to go out at all. I still didn't get the 10 points for needing someone with me as your Mum does. So it's not going to be easy. I suggest for wording on the Appeal form you check out the PIP points system and decide which one applies and write only about the mental health problems your Mum has. Say how long it is since she went out alone and give examples of when she's been lost. Provide separate evidence if you can of any treatment or mention of her mental condition even if it's only on her GP records. You can ask the surgery for copies of anything relevant to be printed from her online records. Hope that helps.. 
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