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Hi, my name is Windblows!

Windblows Member Posts: 4 Listener
That's my own chosen made up name. I have a diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and like many with that label I am not convinced of it being in any way definitive of the true condition that causes my occasional distress or inability to 'function' or be 'appropriate' at times.
Really this all began when I was in my teems or maybe earlier and I think it is not unique to any special group of people and that reaction to events or having strong feelings is often the most healthy response. How society 'deals' with people in distress is the real big issue that if not corrected will continue to push people into the confines of labels that to not enable a more healthy process to evolve. Having a voice and being heard is essential for everyone - and for that reason I believe we should all get to know more about OPEN DIALOGUE.
This is the term used for the practice of bringing a persons network together to understand the real issues and help bring about change that does not necessarily involve drugs or diagnosis.



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