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: ATAXIA : (my story) What's is that you may ask we take our legs for granted we walk, we run they are there to stand up on when ever we need them, but 6 years or more ago my legs took on a mind of there own, family, friends would ask me what is wrong why am I walking funny have I been drinking, walking in a drunken state, wobbling about tripping over falling down when there is nothing visible to cause this 
I have developed this neurological condition Ataxia, it leaves you to a strange place, when I used to walk about from place to place some times avoid the bus queues, and just walk until that one day when everything went haywire, I have lost control of the use of my of my legs, walking took on a new meaning which was a very strange feeling not knowing if I want to go left or right my legs would decide for me.
Learning to walk again a bit like a toddler that first time you try to stand on your own two feet wobbling about all over the place not knowing if I can reach my destination without a trip or fall,
strange but it's a way of life I am coming to terms with walking now makes me weary, trying to concentrate on where I am going and if I can make it, it's getting to the point of having to make use of a mobility scooter/wheelchair to get from  a to b, for shopping, outings etc we never know what life will throw at us but this illness has knocked me for six leaving me feeling depressed at times but mostly zapping my energy leaving me tired, enjoy your day have a walk don't take it for granted



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