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Working from home

veriterc Member Posts: 220 Pioneering
edited July 2017 in Coffee lounge
With so many successful bloggers on the web today, could those of us who can't go out to work learn from them?  I would love to be able to earn some money (to pay for private care when I am told there is a six month wait to see doctor!) and can find plenty of help in setting up a website, but need assistance in how to set up ads, clicks to affiliates, etc. Anyone any ideas?


  • iza
    iza Member Posts: 564 Pioneering
    Hi @veriterc,
    brilliant idea. I agree with you that working from home (especially disable people ) could be beneficial to most of people who cannot work in different places. 
    Perhaps, someone from members would like to share experience here online. 
    I can help with setting up events on EventBrite, creating e-bulletin via Mail Chimp, Microsoft Outlook and Office 365, accounting, creating posts .  If anyone straggle drop me a message. 

  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,674 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @veriterc I am a blogger in my 'other life' and I started this when I became very unwell and couldnt leave my bed.

    I do now run a successful blog but it took a good 2 years to make any money from it and even now, though I take on paid ads etc and it does make money, if you worked it out to an hourly rate, I would be on slave labour!

    Of course there are bloggers who make a lot of money but they are not the norm.  I would always be wary of any bloggers offering classes/workshops in how to make money as often THAT is the way they are making their money.

    I found lots of great free courses about websites, seo etc through my local council, so it could be worth you checking there.  

    Best of luck :)
    Senior online community officer
  • Roland
    Roland Member Posts: 27 Courageous
    Have a look at Disabled Entrepreneurs (google it). They may be able to help


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