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Social anxiety vs disability vs hot day

Kathy_BramleyKathy_Bramley Member Posts: 133 Pioneering
Picked up the new Motability car husband driving but I have to sign the paperwork and then dropped daughter off to Mind the Gap in Bradford and the combination of things and making awkward eye contact and feeling in the way and wrong waiting for husband to get cash out and wondering if begging guy is the face I saw on wanted fb post and then feeling awful as guy with him caught me rubbernecking but I don't judge begging guys usually and then I was put off by husband's unexpected driving route round back streets and him getting used to the car and then surprised he asked me to take daughter into club and I said hello to someone I know from somewhere else at the door who didn't remember me and then couldn't remember the name of someone else and I was just really anxious and reacting weirdly to people and felt awful and I have been crying writing this I mean there were some other challenging thing today but I feel like I should be well in my comfort zone m and the harder I try the worse things are and I feel so awful
Lucky unlucky
Guess my diagnosis,
It may help, but
Don't guess my kids's


  • Kathy_BramleyKathy_Bramley Member Posts: 133 Pioneering
    The fact I've been worrying about disability and difference and wanting to be comradely amidst my own my whole life shouldn't come into that but it does and it's like my whole life is flashing before my mug whilst being in a weird hyper vigilant twitchy tunnel vision
    Lucky unlucky
    Guess my diagnosis,
    It may help, but
    Don't guess my kids's
  • Sam_AlumniSam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,731 Disability Gamechanger
    edited July 2017
    Hi @Kathy_Bramley
    You sound really stressed, anxiety gets to us like that.  Have you ever tried writing lists of things that bother you? Or CBT type techniques?

    This is an example of a type of CBT as found through google:
    Thought challenging—also known as cognitive restructuring—is a process in which you challenge the negative thinking patterns that contribute to your anxiety, replacing them with more positive, realistic thoughts. This involves three steps:
    1. Identifying your negative thoughts. With anxiety disorders, situations are perceived as more dangerous than they really are. To someone with a germ phobia, for example, shaking another person’s hand can seem life threatening. Although you may easily see that this is an irrational fear, identifying your own irrational, scary thoughts can be very difficult. One strategy is to ask yourself what you were thinking when you started feeling anxious. Your therapist will help you with this step.
    2. Challenging your negative thoughts. In the second step, your therapist will teach you how to evaluate your anxiety-provoking thoughts. This involves questioning the evidence for your frightening thoughts, analyzing unhelpful beliefs, and testing out the reality of negative predictions. Strategies for challenging negative thoughts include conducting experiments, weighing the pros and cons of worrying or avoiding the thing you fear, and determining the realistic chances that what you’re anxious about will actually happen.
    3. Replacing negative thoughts with realistic thoughts. Once you’ve identified the irrational predictions and negative distortions in your anxious thoughts, you can replace them with new thoughts that are more accurate and positive. Your therapist may also help you come up with realistic, calming statements you can say to yourself when you’re facing or anticipating a situation that normally sends your anxiety levels soaring.

    Do you see anyone about anxiety or get any other support?
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