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Heh, my name is LauraMac!

LauraMac Member Posts: 1 Listener
I live in the Scottish Borders on the edge of a small town. I can still drive - adapted car- but only walk a few steps. I also use a mobility scooter. 
I have an autoimmune disorder which is slowly taking away my mobility. I am in chronic pain. I also have the beginnings of lymphoedema associated with oral steroid intake.

I am currently unable to manage paid employment due to pain, exhaustion and multiple hospital appointments. I do voluntary work for my local Foodbank and also as a hospital Chaplain.  I used to be a paid Chaplain in a Sue Ryder Hospice. I have a husband and two sons, one son is still quite little - at primary school.

I feel like I have fewer and fewer friends - because of money constraints and because folk don't know what to say about my health situation. My autoimmune disorder is not in itself terminal but is strongly associated with multiple morbidities and premature death.



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