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jax55 Member Posts: 2 Listener
Hi. I'm Jackie and I suffer with fibromyalgia.  I don't get much relief from my meds and wonder if anyone has any ideas. Thanx


  • Sam_Alumni
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    Hi @jax55 welcome to the community!
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  • Ehit
    Ehit Member Posts: 18 Connected
    Hi. I suffer from severe fibromyalgia. I've yet to find anything that helps. I am on all sorts of medication from the GP and consultant. I use olbus oil on my pillow at night and also deep heat. I use hot water bottles and ice packs depending on how I feel. I use lavender a lot too I have saltlamps around my house. The only thing that really helps is a warm climate and going in the sea or a lake (Lake Superior in Canada was amazing) and the Caribbean Sea, neither of which are accessible), but the next best thing is walking on grass bare footed. I'd like to go swimming, but the water is always too cold (which a cold sea or lake helps). I wear crystals - amethyst, is my go to crystal, but I'm wearing two others, but I can't remember their names (brain fog has descended). I also find a massage helps. I'm meeting up with a new guy this week to see if he can help (luckily I can do massage, so we're going to do a swap. I literally try anything.


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