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claiming JSA with a child that has difficulities.

I am about to be made redundant from my part time job, my job allows me to take and collect son from school.

Will JSA force me to look for/take a full time job? This will not be possible in my situation my Son has ADHA and is awaiting an assessment for ASD.

Is there anything that can be done to enable me to find work that allows me to take son to and collect from school still? He will not go to paid childcare, if forced to do this it will have a really detrimental effect on his mental health and well being.

Sometimes for reasons only known to himself he refuses to go do school/move when this happens it will be impossible for me to make a JSA appointment if it happens at that time, would I be sanctioned for this, or will it be classed as a valid reason?

He very often has complete meltdowns after school throwing furniture etc, he is not safe to be left alone in the house, will the JC understand this?

I have time before I will be in this situation I am looking to see if I have any additional rights/leniency when claiming JSA?

I do not claim DLA for my son, I don't think I would get it as I from what I understand they obtain 'evidence' from his school, who have always said there are no issues as he is quiet, shy and keep himself to himself, he tries so hard to fit and and not stand out all day then at home he just needs to 'let go' . Would it help my situation with JSA if I did try for DLA? is it even possible to get without support from the school? I don't really want to apply for it but if it will help protect me whilst on JSA I will.

I am a single mum if that makes any difference. As a side point does my own health and well being come into this situation? with my current work hours I get half to one hour a day child/work free, if I have to work all the school hours personally I will struggle with only ever being at work or looking after son (he needs more looking after than other children of his age) it would ok if he slept and I got a break in the evening but due to his ADHD he goes to sleep well after 12 every night.

Sorry for the first long post, thanks in advance for any help.


  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Member Posts: 603 Pioneering
    I would try for DLA if you believe he meets the criteria. (basically, he has to have grater needs than a non-disabled child)

    They have to take into account your caring role too. But they may question whether you really can work because of your son.
  • helpneeded
    helpneeded Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thanks if I apply and are refused how long do I have to leave it before I apply again? I might have more of a chance to get if once he has been formally diagnosed with ASD, but this will take a while the waiting lists are over a year here.

    My main problem is I don't have evidence as said he is fine at school, he is difficult with me (the worse) he is like it with other family members he knows well but never with outside people so I have no one independent to support my claim. The specialist tells me this isn't that unusual but I doubt DLA will see it that way (i can understand why as otherwise everyone and anyone could claim for their child)

    I can work., I want to work, I love my job. It is hard look after a child with difficulties nothing you do is 'right'. My job gives me the satisfaction and reassurance that at least I am capable of something as most of the time I feel inadequate when looking after my son. I just need the right job (not any job like the JC will force me into to) with the right hours and understanding. My current employer are great I am often late due to problems in the morning with my son. they are very understanding of this and let me make up the time, they also put up with me crying at least once a month when I arrive due to difficulties I have had to get him to school.

  • Matilda
    Matilda Member Posts: 2,610 Disability Gamechanger

    CAB and similar advice organisations have had their funding cut but it might be possible for you to get face to face advice in your local area.

    I don't know if the JobCentre do this, but they ought to have specialist advisers who advise JSA claimants looking after children with special needs.

    And it might be worth applying for DLA for your son.  The school aren't the only observers of his behaviour.  You know what your son's behaviour is like most of the time.  And your GP can write a report about his ADHA.


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