Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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UNUM sick pay

FluffyJoJoFluffyJoJo Member Posts: 4 Listener
I have a congenital hip disability, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I work full time but recently I've had to have some time off due to pain and depression. One of the benefits my job offers is income protection insurance, so as my sick pay had run out I applied for what amounts to one weeks' cover. The insurer (UNUM) requested my medical records from my GP (with my permission - I had nothing to hide) but then refused to pay out because it said I had not been unable to work for the whole time I was off. This is simply not true. I have been struggling with work due to pain and medication causing concentration issues for a long time now. I find the journey to work very difficult and uncomfortable. I told my GP this and also that I was looking for a job that was closer to home to ameliorate the affects of traveling on my pain levels. When UNUM declined to pay out on the policy, it told my employer that I was looking for a new job without any context. The decline decision letter is full of inaccuracies about my disability and makes it seem that I am a liar. To say that I am incensed is an understatement. I was off work for six months, during that time there was not a day that passed without me wishing I was dead. I am not suicidal - I couldn't do that to my family but I am miserable. Life feels too much to cope with lately. I can't remember the last pain free day I had and this decision from UNUM has knocked me sideways. What I'd like to know is whether anyone knows if it is right that UNUM could tell my employer I was looking for another job (by the way, this was internet searches only. I was not actively going out job hunting). I feel very uncomfortable that my employer now knows I'm looking to leave. I can't afford to leave without another job to go to and although they've not said anything directly, obviously having six months off sick has not endeared me to them. I am appealing UNUM's decision but do I also have grounds for complaint? Thanks in advance for any responses.


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