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Walk in baths good or not?

Hi everyone my name's Isabel, and I really just wanted to ask you all for some advice really about walk in baths. As my husband has gotten older, his legs have been causing him more and more problems, and one of the things he's becoming most worried about is the bathroom and his own independence within it. He doesn't want to have to rely on others too much, and still wants to be able to bathe himself and such, so we were thinking a walk in bath would be ideal for him. I don't really know much about this type of thing so I was wondering if anyone knows of any good companies we can get one from? I believe my husband's friend mentioned a company called Gainsborough ? Are they good? Does anyone have any recommendations at all? Are walk in showers the best way to go forward in this instance? Or does anyone know of any other alternatives? Any tips would be much appreciated - I'm very at sea here! Thanks everyone 



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