My 2 year old son's outbursts are becoming violent - any advice?

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My doctor pointed me into your direction. I. Have 2 children 5 & 2. My son is 2 and he's got so many health problems. He's got syrinx syndrome. Hypotonia. Problems with his kidneys and undiagnosed muscle disease. He's none verbal and can't walk. He get extremely frustrated and angry as he can't tell you what he wants. His outbursts are becoming violent. He attacks his 5 year old sister and me on a regular basis. He bites. Throws his toys at us. He smacks. He kicks. He takes chunks out of our hair. My little girl has now chosen to lock herself away from him which isn't fair. He's under 14 different specialists & 3 different hospitals. I am struggling to cope with him. I dread days out with him as I know he's going to constantly kick off. My partner works extremely hard a day is ever home so it's just myself and my little girl bearing the brunt of his outbursts. Any advice. Chats ect will be very much appreciated. Thank you xx


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    Hi @Hollynthomassmommy.

    A very big welcome to you to our online community.

    I do hope that we can help you ????

    I'm so sorry to hear about your current situation.

    We have got lots of info on our home page & there is also a number of Advisors who might be able to help ???

     Please please let me know if you need any help with this ???
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    Hi @Hollynthomassmommy

    It sounds like you are having a tough time and our community is here to help.

    When you have time, take a look at some tips from our online community members on a range of issues including behaviour and communication.

    Please ask questions and the community will try to help, Alex
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    Hi @Hollynthomassmommy,

    Welcome to Scope's online community! It's great to have you here.

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation - it certainly sounds like you're having a tough time but as @alexwhite mentions above, our community and its members are happy to help you.

    I've moved this post into our Ask a Parenting Advisor category. @ParentingAdvisor, can you help?
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    Hi @Hollynthomassmommy welcome to the community. Great to hear doctors are recommending it. 

    Unfortunately I don't have a lot of advice, but I do know a bit about how you feel. My little one can scream the place down when she can't tell me what she wants - fortunately it's not very often, but it's not easy 

    Have you got help from portage and speech therapy? x
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    Hi @Hollynthomassmommy welcome to the community, as you say, frustration is one of the toughest things for kids when they are trying to communicate.  Do you see a Health Visitor? Could they help?
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    The first thing I would urge is to get him a decent speech and language assessment which should be able to introduce some ways for him to communicate, even if he cannot speak. This will go some way to helping reduce his obvious frustration.  That might be signing, pictures or symbols (AAC - augmentative and alternative communication) but something to help him begin to take some constructive control.  Sometimes parents are worried that introducing symbols will hinder speech development; absolutely not, if anything it take some of the pressure off and if the child is going to learn to speak then they certainly will.  Also there can a be a belief that children with learning disabilities cannot really use AAC - again totally untrue, it just has to be appropriate for their stage of development and needs.  Best wishes, Jenny (mum to 19 year old non-verbal AAC using son just about to head off to Uni!)
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    Dear hollynthomassmommy, I´m Noel Janis-Norton and I¨m an online parenting advisor for Scope.  I´m so glad you´ve contacted us because there are things you can do to improve your situation. First I would like to find out more about your son and how he responds to the different things you do.  Would you like to talk?  Do you have skype? Best wishes - Noel
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    Dear hollynthomassmommy, I realise I forgot to include my email address.  Can you please contact me on so that we can arrange a time to talk.  All the best - Noel
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    Because he doesn't talk, has he been taught makaton or similar?