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Newbie wondering about drugs

Tephy Member Posts: 7 Connected
 I am relatively new so if this is in the wrong section please forgive me and any moderators feel free to move it to where it should be.
I have just had my esa ( which was for life but now I need to claim again ) form filled in by phone. The person on the phone and the pain clinic both insinuated when I tell them what medication I take, that I am lying.
I take 147 tablets per week, 3 injections a week ( methotrexate, embrel and one for my diabetes not insulin), transtec patch 70 micro gram/hr ( opiate ) and 200 microgram temgesic ( opiate ) up to 10 some days but most are just 4.
Is this really enough that people think I would lie about it? 
When I showed a print out to the person at my first pain clinic appointment I was told anyone could print that out and that they needed to contact my DR before anything could be done and gave me an appointment for a later date. This started me wondering and saw my Dr today and he said don't stop taking any of them.
Is anyone else on more?



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