I have a son aged 12 who has ADHD & Autisim

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I have a son aged 12 who has ADHD & Autisim, I suffer with depression and high anxiety and thought perhaps a bit off support would help. I myself am a very good listener and tend to be there for everyone but myself. So here I am.. hello to all


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    Hi @Sissy43 welcome to the community, Im glad you are here, its a safe place for disabled people to chat and get support.

    You might like to look at the ASD category as well as the Mental Health category.
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    Hi @Sissy43

    A very warm welcome to our website/online community.

    We have got plenty of info on our home page.

    You will also find a number of Advisors ready to help you.

     Please please let us know if we can help you further ????
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    I have a daughter with aspergers too she also suffers severe anxiety and ocd. Recently i removed her from the school syatem as she seemed to be declining .her anxiety was at a high level and ahe qouldnt eat and suffered insommnia. You are not alone hunny i understand how lonley it can be sometimes . I feel like im always fighting for her . Im an ear for everyone too and thats why i joined this too . Im happy to help and listen hun x