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Newbie to chronic pain group.

vectisgal1 Member Posts: 11 Connected
Hi there, my name is ally. I have suffered chronic neuropathic pain since 2011 after having laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. I keep getting bouts of pancreatitis and my pain is always present. I suffer from pins and needles stabbing pain increased sensitivity from my skin as I can't bear to have anything touch me, it my clothes or anything tight fitting around my diaphragm. I have had 1 treatment of spinal ceoliac plexus block that lasted 5 months where I had no pain!!! It was amazing and I didn't realise how much pain I was in until it returned I  may 2017. I am on tramadol,gabapentin and lidocaine patches.i amxstill able to work but am aware that if my stress gets too much it increases my pain +++. 


  • iza
    iza Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 579 Pioneering
    Hi @vectisgal1

    I do suffer medical neurological condition. I can agree  with you that stress increase the strength of neurological pain. Few good years ago, I participated in Self-management of Long-term Health Condition online course  and I learnt how it is important self-menage the condition and manage the pain yourself. The course was provided online under NHS. 
    One of the meted when you are in pain is to distract for a little  the brain from thinking about pain which you feel. Is good to start to read, crate art,  watch comedy film, or try to fall a sleep. 
    Neurological pain is one of the strongest pain people can suffer from. 
    Is good if you are responding to medication there are numbers of people who do not respond to medication. 
  • vectisgal1
    vectisgal1 Member Posts: 11 Connected
    Thanks for your post.  I do manage to distract myself from the pain but at times it can make itself felt!  When I first experienced the spinal block it was amazing!  I didn't realise how exhausting it can be with pain!  I felt more alive without the pain!  But then the pain returns after 5 months and it feels excruciating as I had forgotten how intense it was!  Hey ho I always try to remember that there are people more worse off than me and my amazing sister makes sure I don't let the pain take over my life!! 
  • iza
    iza Member, Community Co-Production Group Posts: 579 Pioneering
    Hi @vectisgal1
    I can compare a pain attack to crashing with huge lorry van. This is the way I feel like, always like  knock dawn and not able to stand up. 
  • cathie
    cathie Member Posts: 143 Courageous
    To be honest personally I think all my pain medication only takes edge off. And i have had six nerve blocks now been messed up few times didn't realise it was this causing more in relentless pain and screaming nerves horrific stabing on fire pains .cramps I am terrified off pins and needles and water  sound running down my leg .but on out side electric feeling shorting from my big toe . But now on top off this back buttocks groin leg pain .. movement is fat  worse .how u guys are able to move your thoughts away from pain is a not ever gonna be able to do that it's constant thumping pain  like a giant pulse OF pain  running through every finer of my being  ever had it so bad or powerful . Belive it's been damaged via last treatment of steroid injections .. when I'm told don't think of it it may get so much better .. come on ...nooooo . Maybe I will never get peace from this .. thoughts any one please thankyou
    Only me .. cathie..
  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    You can speak to your doctor about long term pain, they can refer you to pain clinics, offer courses and hopefully offer support.
    Senior online community officer


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