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Initial PIP consultation gave my partner "standard" living needs rate and nothing for "mobility" needs.  I sent a letter for the mandatory reconsideration (this took 4 months for their decision).  I have today received the response and he is still on standard rate for living needs and they have also given him standard rate for mobility.  I don't agree with this, he should be on enhanced rate for both as he has Cerebellar Ataxia and is very unsteady and often falls.  Since his initial assessment, the physiotherapist has given him a walking aid and his GP has now referred him for a support worker.  What do I do next so that I can continue to get the higher rate?  Any help would be appreciated.


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    Your next step is to appeal to an independent tribunal. First step is to submit an SSCS1 form with your basic reasons for disputing the award. There is plenty of info on this site about this

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    Hello Paulette40

    You will have to submit an appeal on the SSCS1 form as CokneyRebel posted.

    PLEASE NOTE, that if you do appeal the decision a Tribunal will consider all the rates of PIP, that is they can increase, reduce or keep the same award of PIP that is already in place.

    The appeal form is a simple form to complete.  There are however a few things to mention about filling the form. 
    1. It is best to request an oral hearing, as then you have a chance of explaining face to face what difficulties your partner has.  There is also a much higher success rate when people attend the appeal. 
    2. The grounds of appeal can be simple e.g. I can only walk a few metres due to pain and falls, and I need a lot of help from my partner to look after myself.
    3. The tribunal Service must have received this form within 1 month of the date of the Mandatory Reconsideration decision.
    4. You must attach a copy of the Mandatory Reconsideration to the form

    I have put a link to the SSCS1 appeal form below:

    Once this form has been sent to the Tribunal Service, you will next receive an acknowledgement letter.  If you do not receive this letter in 14 days contact the Tribunal Service to ensure they have your appeal form. 

    Then everything will go quiet for 6-10 weeks whilst PIP prepare a bundle of appeal papers that explains why they made the decision they did. This bundle will be sent to you and will include for example copies of application forms, and copies of medical evidence including a copy of the medial assessment. 

    Next you will be sent a hearing date.  

    If you want to send a response to the Tribunal and medical evidence this must be done at least 7 days before the hearing.  If you send medical evidence make sure that it is relevant and specific to the PIP descriptors.  I have put a link to the descriptors below.


    The whole process can take around 6-8 months.  

    Good luck


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