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Benefits trap

Angel_5 Member Posts: 1 Listener
edited September 2017 in Benefits and financial support

I am glad someone is writing a book about peoples lives and the benefit trap and the problems decision makers cause. I watched a film called "I Daniel Blake"  which high light one mans story and how he suffered, also how he was treated by these so called benefits decision makers.

I myself have just been turned down for contribution based ESA because I have a widows pension. So after working and paying into the system I am cast aside and not able to cover my mortgage payments and keep my house.  I am gutted that a benefit can be called contribution based when they take into account my widows pension.

My widows pension is enough to cover my mortgage and another private pension covers some of my bills leaving me nothing for food, clothing, anything socially. I am now in the process of selling my home and moving to a rented flat so I can live as I want to live and not as others say I should be living and I can clear my mortgage and bank loan and any other outstanding payments and be clear of all the pressure .....


  • CockneyRebel
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    Hello and welcome
    Have you had trained advice from CAB or similar ?
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    HI @Angel_5 how are you getting on?
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    Hi @Angel_5

    Sorry to hear your distress at the benefits system - unfortunately you're not alone!

    Contributions based ESA and Widows pension, are what are technically deemed as 'overlapping benefits'. The reason they overlap is that they are both 'income replacement benefits'.

    The only thing to watch out for is that the DWP are supposed to pay whichever is the higher - for ESA this is the basic rate of 73.10, or if you are in the support group (as opposed to the work-related group) the rate of 109.65. If this is more than what you receive from your Widow's Pension then you should request a Mandatory Reconsideration of the decision (by writing a letter to the DWP).

    Hope this helps!


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