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I need help

Hi I am really struggling to get in and out of my bath and constantly having to go upstairs to go to the toilet, does anyone know how I go about trying to apply for help from my housing association??


  • samparrot123
    samparrot123 Member Posts: 50 Courageous
    Hello sorry you are struggling with the stairs and shower ,I would first try social services with maybe a letter from your doctor ,they will call around and see what the problem is ,maybe they may suggest a wet room including a toilet ,nothing ventured nothing gained,I hope this will help solve your problem ,GOD BLESS 
  • [Deleted User]
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  • Barrylad1957
    Barrylad1957 Member Posts: 100 Courageous
    Hi @rosie6379
    Sorry to hear that youre having difficulties mate, I had the same problems (sort of) in early 2015; my social housing landlord were great, and rehomed me to more 'pain friendly' acommodation in less than two months. I now have a 'wet room' with handrails and easy to use taps. My friend who lives across the water who has a different social housing landlord (and disabilities far worse than mine), had a bit more aggro trying to get them to even look at his plight; he solved the problem by contacting his MP. It never hurts these days to get your MP involved (unless, of course, your MP is someone like Damian Green or similar). Good luck anyway, I hope things get easier for you.
  • rosie6379
    rosie6379 Member Posts: 18 Connected
    Thx for all the help guys....bless u all xxxx
  • NicolaH
    NicolaH Member Posts: 5 Listener
    Occupational therapy  helps.
    We had my doctor refer me and they came in and made adaptions to make life a little more easier to live in my house.

    They are wonderful and they do it all for free also.

    If you or your partner work you might need to help pay towards any bathroom alterations etc 


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  • Topkitten
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    With Occupational Therapy you can refer yourself but it's better if a GP refers you.

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