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Passport Photos

Blue Frog
Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
My little one needs a passport photo for her first bus pass. The Blue Badge people accepted one emailed from my phone, but this time we need a proper photo. She uses a wheelchair and is incredibly wriggly - so I really can't imagine one of the booths working  :D

Has anyone got any ideas please? x 


  • Markmywords
    Markmywords Member Posts: 419 Pioneering
    I take a photo on my phone, edit it on a PC and copy it into a word processor document at the right size. Then I print it on plain paper and cut it out. I've never had one turned down even for some extremely high security official documents.

    Even the Passport Office knows that this is the 21st century.
    "If you use the new online passport renewal service you’ll need someone to take a photo of you using a digital camera or smartphone."
  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Member Posts: 596 Pioneering
    Just had a look on the website and they say:

    If you can’t meet the passport photo rules

    If you have a disability that means you can’t meet the passport photo requirements, you should:

    • explain in section 8 of the application form, or in the additional information box if you apply online
    • include a letter from your doctor or consultant that says what your condition is and whether it’s permanent or temporary
  • Geoark
    Geoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,388 Disability Gamechanger
    edited September 2017
    @Blue Frog my daughter used one of the local photograph printing shops to get hers done by an individual. Slightly more expensive but they are able to check the photo for compliance before printing. If not they simply do it again for no extra cost.

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  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,673 Disability Gamechanger
    My friend goes to a photo shop/print shop where they will photograph in front of a backdrop not in a booth, as @Geoark says it is a little more expensive but you are guaranteed a usable shot.
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  • Blue Frog
    Blue Frog Member Posts: 358 Pioneering
    Thanks @Sam_Scope that's what we did in the end. A proper little old fashioned shop, they were lovely with her  <3
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    [Deleted User] Posts: 126 Courageous
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