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Hello Everyone!

BioEnergy Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello everybody, I am new to this forum.  

For some years I suffered from a frozen shoulder in both shoulders due to an accident at work.  

I had physiotherapy under the NHS and in addition I had some physiotherapy sessions privately as I was desperate to try to bring the constant pain I was in under control.  Although physiotherapy helped, it didn't make enough of a difference and whilst I was waiting to be seen by a consultant, I sought help elsewhere.  I tried osteopaths and acupuncturists but the pain would come back after a short time.  

When I eventually saw the consultant, I was given a cortisone injection in my shoulder in three different places I think.  Unfortunately the effects only lasted for a few weeks.  I had another cortisone injection on my next visit to the hospital and at that point I was advised that surgery would be the next move if the pain came back.  The pain did come back again after a few weeks and so I was put on the waiting list for surgery.

After the surgery, I was hoping that once the healing process had completed the pain would finally go, but sadly it didn't.  I ended up with less severe residual pain but the movement in my shoulder was still very restricted and I was unable to lift my arm above my head.  

At this point, I went to see an orthopaedic consultant privately, who also happened to be the consultant who had carried out the surgery on me at the NHS hospital.  On my visit to his clinic, the consultant injected my shoulder again with another course of cortisone and arranged for a further appointment to see me two weeks later.  

Two weeks later at his clinic the consultant examined me again.  As the pain and the limited movement in my shoulder had not improved following the previous injection, he decided to give me one last cortisone injection.  The pain diminished significantly to the point where I thought I would just have to accept that this was going to be the best result I could hope for.  The consultant told me that if the pain did come back then he wouldn't be able to do anything more for me and he had suggested referring me to a pain specialist.  This really deflated me.  Still, with my shoulder pain reduced, I thought  I would just have to hope that the pain did not get worse again in the future.

Sadly the diminished level of pain only lasted for about four months before my shoulder started to bother me again.  I saw my GP and asked for help.  They referred me to another hospital.  During that consultation, upon examining me, the doctor decided I would need corrective surgery in my shoulder to address the limited  range of movement in it as well as the considerable pain I was in.  But the doctor felt that I should have one final x-ray guided cortisone injection to see if this could sort the problem out once and for all..  

Six weeks after the guided cortisone injection, the doctor saw me again at his clinic and, as clearly the pain and range of movement had not improved, put me on the waiting list for this further surgery, which was scheduled for several months ahead (in December 2016) .

Since my accident, I had done lots of research into alternative medicine to try to help myself.  I consulted with osteopaths, acupuncturists and physiotherapists, but after I had read about energy healing and had done some further research into it, I thought I ought to attend a course so that I could become a healer and help myself and others.  

I applied what I learned on the course to my friend who had limited neck movement due to arthritis and his range of movement improved significantly.   I was also hoping to be able to help my mother, who was suffering from osteoarthritis in her knee and was at that time using a walking stick to aid her walking.  I treated my mum several times and she soon no longer  needed to use her walking stick since and to this day.  I also treated my own shoulder and was so much improved that I was able to cancel my shoulder surgery appointment for December 2016.  I am still pain free as of today and have still not had the surgery.

To facilitate the healing of my shoulder, I have had to change my lifestyle by exercising more and by eating healthily in order to maintain my new level of health.  I have also been going to college to study nutrition and am now in a position to help people with nutritional issues, which often underlie the issues that people are suffering from.

The point of this message is to help everyone realise that we can all help ourselves by being proactive and taking responsibility for our health.  I would also, as a gesture of appreciation and gratitude for my improved state of health, be very happy to offer help to a small number of people free of charge (but only if you live in London so that the travelling can be kept to a minimum).

If the administrator or moderators feel like I've overstepped the mark then please feel free to hide my post, but that was not my intention.


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