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Weight gain through tablets

liverbird Community member Posts: 2 Listener
I'd say the worse thing for me, apart from the pain and daily struggles, is my weight gain..... my appetite is poor but I eat healthy food and keep moving when in can.. .. yet I've piled on 3 stone since becoming disabled four years ago.... I've ditched gabopentin but it's not shifting.... anyone any tips..... 


  • Barrylad1957
    Barrylad1957 Community member Posts: 99 Courageous
    We were talking about this on another thread a few days ago. I'm not sure that its down to which particular meds youre on, as most pain relief meds will slow your pace of life. I used to cycle to work and back six days a week, and I dont even use the bike nowadays (I was, until about May this year, but I fell off a lot and made a lot of potentially dangerous mistakes). I've porked up since I've been on meds, and I've only been on them for a little over a year. Its a combination of less movement and lower metabolism, I think mate. I actually eat less now than I did before I had to give up work last year; I havent actually gained a great deal of weight, but I have lost conditioning. My mate is on pregabalin, and he put a lot of weight on in the first year, then it sort of slowed down. If youre moving about a lot less - or even slower than you used to - because of your pain and disability, and your meds have slowed your metabolism, it sort of just happens, from what I've seen in other folks. I'm on quite a high dose of amitriptyline (among other things) and everything has slowed down to a soporific crawl. I think its important to eat well while youre on meds, so I wouldnt miss meals. Its a shame, but try not to let it get you down.
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 740 Listener
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