Neurological conditions
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Information on condition

wattycz1wattycz1 Member Posts: 31 Connected
I have been diagnosed with cerebrovascular disease  (small vessel disease) and subjective memory impairment although over the past 12 months I think I and other people say that I am more withdrawn or not listening and forgetting things  spoke to my GP who sent me for counselling.  I have done some research to see if I am 100% dealing with depression and anxiety. So I put in the diagnosed conditions and other symptoms which i have...slowness of thought. Problems with concentration. Difficulty finding the right words.depression, mood swings and lack of interest or enthusiasm memory impairment so spoke to GP asked if the depression wasn't a symptom of something else he says not the case i always have to write everything down or I forget not that i am a doctor but I beg to differ. Everything points to Vascular dementia spoke to others in family and they dissmis i am looking for some advice or am going mad thanks 


  • TopkittenTopkitten Member Posts: 1,263 Pioneering
    You don't say whether you are on strong medication. Sometimes this can be a big factor. Now that I have to use strong opiate based pain killers, for example, my very good memory has become patchy. My speed of thought too has slowed.

    I can't help with the other issues as I have no experience but be very careful of self diagnose using the internet. Cases and examples are often extremely generalised, often quoting ALL possible symptoms and side effects and, in some cases, wrong and misleading. Diagnosis is very specific to the individual.

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