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Finding Disabled Accomodation

The amount of times I have searched for hotels with a provision of disabled rooms. When you get back the results of your search and you look at the results and you pick one and book it. You think everything is ok but it is far from ok there are two things that may happen. You turn up at the hotel,and they say sorry when you ask the question about it being a disabled room. It turns out that they may not have that facility or they do not have one available. So you question the fact that it was stated on the booking. Some will say that they endeavour to provide that but it was not possible on this occasion. Now you are left with the dilemma do you stop and try to cope ( which is not always possible) or you abandon the holiday having looked forward and paid monies for the booking and also travelling. 
I have also encountered the issue especially in the USA where British booking companies want extra monies to ensure that it will be disabled. Where is the justice there. If you were booking say for provision of cots etc then there is no extra charge for this to be sanctioned. When will someone realise that we ask for disabled facilities because it is a neccassity 


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