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Hi there - ESA and PIP quesion

gerrys6 Member Posts: 120 Courageous
edited September 2017 in PIP, DLA, and AA
i have my Esa assessment today. 
A month after I filled in the Esa review form I had to fill in a p i p how my disability affects me form ! They sent a text today saying that I may need to see a healthcare professional for an assessment before they can reach their decision but they will write to let me know if I do. Does my p I p stop then before they reach their decision I had said that my mental health was worse and my arthritis is worse but only because it is not to get more money .. if I lose my Esa after today’s medical will that affect their decision to do a medical likewise if I keep my Esa after today’s medical will they not then need to give me a medical ?! Gosh I hate all this medical stuff I feel so stressed never slept last night again when will I hear about how it went will my next payment of Esa be my last if I fail today ? Any help and advice welcome pls 


  • tfr12345
    tfr12345 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    if you do fail appeal straight away they cant do nothing till your appeal is looked at make sure you have someone with you at your facetoface and take notes and if your not sure they can assess your medical problems properly you can always ask what quals they have to assess you 
  • gerrys6
    gerrys6 Member Posts: 120 Courageous
    I have someone coming to this face to face and I have my medication anti depressants painkillers etc but I’m worried now after reading someone else’s that my assessmement today will influence my p I p it went horribly wrong last year my Esa got 0 points and I had to sign on I just dread the thought if it happening again I just am not mentally able to continue to keep on fighting for money that I need and am so depressed over it all amongst other stuff that I’m depressed over too I just wish they d leave me alone till I m better or at least had a chance to get better I gave cbt lines up and an op on my arthritic knee ...I mean seriously I’m not in a position mentally or physically to work but I don’t think they look at the person just their descriptors and the goal posts of getting more people off benefits 
  • tfr12345
    tfr12345 Member Posts: 7 Listener
    they whatch you from the minute you arrive in 90% of facetoface you have failed before you even get in the building they have a quota to fill the important thing to remember is you dont let them make you feel down i have been there your not on your own theres always help if you dont get the points appeal if you fail the appeal take them to tribunal they cant do anything till you have done these things get advice from cab or welfare wrights i let it get to me and i ended up being suicidal it will work out in the end 
  • gerrys6
    gerrys6 Member Posts: 120 Courageous
    See that’s how I got last time and I’m trying not to remember last time it’s the quota that worries me it’s so unfair that genuine claimants have to  suffer because they have a quota i put it off the first spot last time I haven’t this time in fact I’ve decided that last time I tempted fate in putting it off and in taking no one with me this time I’m going with someone not putting it off and being as positive that I can that she or he will do the right thing ! 
  • gerrys6
    gerrys6 Member Posts: 120 Courageous
    Do they not stop my Esa straight away if I fail today I can’t renember last time or will it stop after my next payment ? 
  • gerrys6
    gerrys6 Member Posts: 120 Courageous
    Does anyone know if the money stops right away ? Or do I get to do the mandatory recon before it’s stopped? Supposing that fails do I get to do the acc appeal whilst still getting Esa (surely not)!! 
  • BenefitsTrainingCo
    BenefitsTrainingCo Member Posts: 2,628 Pioneering
    Hi @gerrys6

    Try to remain calm if you can - you haven't had any negative decisions on thee claims yet, and if you do, you will deal with it.

    ESA - if your claim is refused following your medical, your payments will stop for the time it takes for you to lodge the MR, get the decision, and lodge the appeal with the Tribunal service. For this period I would recommend you claim JSA - not because you are fit to work, and not because you are fit to look for work, but because it means that you get paid. But you haven't been refused yet!!!

    The DWP are highly likely to call you for a PIP medical, and whilst they may look at the ESA medical, the criteria for the two benefits are very different, and therefore they are unlikely to be able to make a decision based purely on that.

    As @tfr1234 says -you are not alone in your worries. Let us know how you're getting on and if you need any appeal advice -we're here!! 

    Best wishes,

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