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How do you get classified as being disabled?

Chipmunk Community member Posts: 1 Listener
Hello everyone,
I have a number of health issues, the worst being three different problems with lower back vertebrae which cause me immense pain.  How do you get classified as being disabled?   


  • steve51
    steve51 Community member Posts: 7,153 Disability Gamechanger

    A very very big welcome to you it's great to meet you.

    I would say your gp is the best place to start with.

    Please please let me know if I can help you further

    Many thanks.

  • CockneyRebel
    CockneyRebel Community member Posts: 5,209 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi Chipmunk and welcome

    Why do you want to be classified as disabled ?
    If you mean to get the disability benefit you could take the self test for PIP at the B&W site

    Be all you can be, make  every day count. Namaste
  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 1,305 Pioneering
    edited September 2017
    Hi @Chipmunk,

    There isn't a register of disabled people as such. As @CockneyRebel suggests, you may be able to get PIP. Check on the link above.

    There's lots of information about it on the Scope site.

    You might also want to look in getting a blue badge.

    Hope that helps.

  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Community member Posts: 596 Pioneering
    There's only national registers for hearing and sight impairments. if you have a long term health condition that affects your ability to do things, you meet the criteria for disabled under the Equalities Act 2010.
  • BillC
    BillC Community member Posts: 3 Connected
    Although I'm well aware that nobody wants to be disabled, nor labelled as disabled, I think there should be some sort of register and those affected issued with an 'ID Card' of sorts.  Having been disabled with ME for over 11 years now, I've seen so many parts of my life stripped away.  A big part of this is obviously my inability now to earn an income and therefore if I attend a family day out, there is no current way of taking part in certain discounts on offer to us by showing that you are unfortunately disabled and entitled to a concession.  I repeat that none of us want to be in this position, but if there was a register, and some sort of card issued, it would make our lives just that little bit easier.
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