After TIA

wattycz1 Community member Posts: 30 Connected
I had a TIA nearly 9 years ago and just got on with things afterwards being in my 30s medication was in place fast forward to approximately 12 months ago got horrible headaches GP sent me for a CT scan manged to get appointment with neurologist through private health insurance from my employer which i thought great get me sorted so he looked at the scans and done a few tests came back and proceeded to tell me that I have cerebrovascular disease and subjective memory impairment oh lets not miss out on the severe depression turns out that they are all linked to the TIA. Now waiting for appointment to come through for follow up things seem to be getting worse now I have slower speed of thought,problems concentrating,emotional, slight confusion disorientated,lack of interest and finding the right words. spoken to my GP and he said wait for appointment to come through. Looked at the medication i am on nothing strong enough for me to go loopy looking to find out if anyone else out there has been through similar or someone they know