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Growing up with AFOs

Hi all, I’m new to this but my 2 1/2 year old daughter is going to be in fixed splints after some casting over the next few weeks. She has bilateral talipes but unusually she has stronger eversion than inversion, evidently because her tibalis anterior (??) muscle isn’t working - she has very little range and can’t dorsiflex or invert either foot at all. She’s not been wearing her Ponsetti boots and bar for a few months now and she’s not relapsing, but despite physio she can’t get either heel down and she’s high stepping to compensate - hence where we are now. 
My feeling is that if tib ant (physio lingo apparently!) just doesn’t work, she may need splints most of her life. I can find really helpful practical info out there about shoes, socks, repairs etc, but nothing so far on the emotional side. I’ll keep following all leads of course to improve things, but also will have it completely normal. That will be fine until someone out there is mean to her, or it’s obvious at PE that she can’t do the same things, or she wants to wear heels, etc etc. What are people’s experiences? Any advice to make the emotional path as smooth as possible? 
Thanks xx



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