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invisible illnesses that no-one takes seriously

laineybug83 Member Posts: 1 Listener
I am nearly 34 years of age with 2 lovely children.  I suffer from apparent invisible illnesses that no-one takes seriously.  they are a s follows.
Fibromyalgia, sciatica, spinal stenosis, IBS, Anxiwty and depression.  Acid reflux, asthma, migraines, gallstones, severe allergies, and vertigo.


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @laineybug83 welcome to the community, we have an invisible impairment category here that you might like to look through.
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  • Geoark
    Geoark Member, Scope Volunteer Posts: 1,384 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @laineybug83 and  welcome to the community.

    Sorry to hear that you are going through so much. It can be difficult when others do not take things seriously, especially when some of the issues you have can be life threatening and at best debillitating.

    Is there anything  we can help you With? 

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  • DinoBoo
    DinoBoo Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hi Laineybug83 i also suffer from Fibromyalgia Chronic Fatigue Syndrome depression anxiety ibs and other things as well i can also get migraines connected to the Fibromyalgia apparently i can sympathise with you  its not a condition that i would wish on my worst enemy and with the cfs as well help lol i go to bed tired wake up tired and im tired all day no energy or strength and with dysfunctional sleep pattern don't help its always nice to chat with people who has the same conditions has they understand what you going through so sending gentle hugs and hope this message finds you ok  
  • Nystagmite
    Nystagmite Member Posts: 603 Pioneering
    I have some of the conditions you listed and have found the same. I really do wish that vertigo was just feeling a bit dizzy; but I sometimes get it where I'm physically unable to stand and that will almost always include a migraine on top, which I really do wish was "just a headache"...
  • Patricia
    Patricia Member Posts: 12 Connected
    A combination of vestibular loss and my inability to accept, let alone talk about it has caused me great mental anguish and isolation, depression, anxiety for many years. During the past 2 years I have been under a psychiatrist and the support I have recieved I learnt to trust and then I have slowly grown in confidence and am finding my voice. Learning to ask for help.  
  • Mumof2ds
    Mumof2ds Member Posts: 147 Pioneering
    Hi there everyone. 

    I have had Tinnitus in R ear for 45 plus years, then February 17' I awoke with the most horrendous Vertigo, vestibular imbalances. 

    Since then I have been unable to drive, work, volunteer or care weekly for my elderly Dad. 

    My life literally changed over night. By May 2017' my L ear joined in the tinnitus party 24/7, and it drives me nuts! I rarely sleep

    I am under a therapist for Deression and Anxiety for the second time since starting anti depressants last October, and have progressive bilateral sensorial hearing losses, progressing, although the hearing aids help me, as do the tinnitus maskers. 

    ImI on 8 tablets a day to help my vestibular symptoms. My first and third ENT said Menieres Disease, with other auto immune pathology being tested for CFS, Lupus and other stuff. 

    The counseling is helping weekly, but I'm so tired of fighting my corner, as everyone says, just because the medications are levelling things out, I am the shadow of the former self. Wife, mum, volunteer and carer. 

    I get so exhausted and overwhelmed so  much and floored with everything. I rarely go out, only if I have to achieve things. 

    Just going through the PIP process now on the advice of my physiotherapist at hospital and counsellor said I should go through the process, so here I am. 

    If any of you haven't read about The Spoon Theory, it gives insight as to how many of us feel on a daily basis! I thankfully have a very supportive network, my  husband, both sons, and  many friends who support me,  trying to explain it to others and my family can be difficult, as they don't get the vestibular imbalances and exhaustion thing. Vertigo is not just dizzy, it's full on roller coaster, spinning helicopters, without a drink! Meds are helping stabilize this, but it isiall so draining mentally and physically. Loads out there worse than us, I know and fully appreciate that. XX 

    My hearing loss and tinnitus support group are great but we only meet once every four months. 

    I totally understand how the silent illness must look from the outside, looking from the inside out, some days are better than others, but episodes rear their ugly head often. 

    Thinking of you all out there in similar situations. 
    P X 
    Politeness costs nothing, but goes a long way in life. 
     Always look out for each other. Be kind. 
     Hugs and smiles mean the world. XX 
  • Mumof2ds
    Mumof2ds Member Posts: 147 Pioneering
    Politeness costs nothing, but goes a long way in life. 
     Always look out for each other. Be kind. 
     Hugs and smiles mean the world. XX 
  • Mumof2ds
    Mumof2ds Member Posts: 147 Pioneering
    Mumof2ds said:
    Spoon theory 
    Politeness costs nothing, but goes a long way in life. 
     Always look out for each other. Be kind. 
     Hugs and smiles mean the world. XX 
  • deb74
    deb74 Member Posts: 777 Pioneering
    i have spina bifida, scoliosis and hydrochephalus and me. because i am not in a wheelchair people assume there is nothing wrong with me. the most challenging thing is hydrochephalus. i struggle to remember things and often get things wrong that other people would be able to do really easily. i also have problems with my speech but this is not always obvious to other people. it also causes me to have poor co-ordination. people see me and think i am stupid. i have lost jobs because of my disabilities either by being sacked or walking from the job before i was sacked.


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