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A Question I've Had Since 20 Years Ago!

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    I think you could find some in every generation who would have found that such a prophesy had already come true. Moral values change over time as does everything else.

    In my opinion the lack of morality is more likely to be related to the lack of personalisation in society now. When you see few people face to face it depersonalises people as a whole. With so much communication online or by phone there is simply a lack of understanding between people any more. Sadly this trend is only likely to continue.

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    Hello @DannyMoore I think that the causes are the eroding of society and the inequalities of communities.  There is no excuse for bad behaviour and this is becoming more and more.  The bible teaches us many things the fight between good and evil.  Those who have tried to aid, help, comfort and heal.  Been involved in doing volunteering with those who have strayed the path.  Tried to understand and listening why they need to hurt their communities.  Ended up being at loss for their behaviour towards those were assisting them to go the right way.  Why be angry and insult me.?  Why do you see me as the enemy? Why do you treat me different?  Questions I have no answer for.  I still not understand after all these years.
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